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Harvard University's iconic campus across the Charles River from Boston

Living near a college campus is a great way to stay young at heart, have access to all sorts of fun events, and stay more in tune with pop culture. City life assures access to great healthcare, public transportation, at least one major airport and other city “perk


Although the start of the fall semester is seemingly light years away, now is the time to at least start thinking about what your living situation for August will be. Should you live on campus in a traditional dormitory with your fellow classmates? Or would you be better off on your own in an apartment?

This won’t shock you, but we at Apartment Guide are totally on board with off-campus living. But before you write us off, hear us out. We cited research last fall in which 69 percent of students declared that off-campus living is more affordable than the cost of room and board - especially when you’re splitting expenses with one or more roommates. But cost-efficiency isn’t the only benefit of living on your own while attending school.

job searching space

Your job searching workspace should be separate from all distractions in your apartment. Image: Covington Place, St. Louis, MO
Your job searching workspace should be separate from all distractions in your apartment. Image: Covington Place, St. Louis, MO
If you’ve graduated recently, we can guess what kind of conversations you’ve been having with your friends and family. When they see you, people likely offer a bright “Congratulations!” followed closely by an inquisitive “Have you found a job yet?” If the answer is no, that question starts to get old – and after a few weeks, it’s downright annoying. We’ve been there, so we know getting your career started is hard, especially when you’re right out of school. Once you’ve thrown your graduation cap in the air, it’s time to buckle down and do some serious job searching – and what better place than your apartment? There’s an art to creating the perfect space to search for your dream job, and we’ve got a few pointers to make that happen.

Your friend or family member graduated from college -- congratulations to them! Now, what to give them as a gift?

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, so of course you want to honor the young scholar in your life. Just think of all the places their lives will take them! There’s just one problem: You know that stereotype about broke college students? That’s not going to change for a while after graduation. They’ve got to find a job (which is sometimes much easier said than done), locate a place to live, and get started on being a grown-up. That’s tough to do when you’re starting from scratch. But that’s where you come in! If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s graduating, we’ve got some gift ideas to help them embark on post-college life:

Your Student ID is your ticket to savings! Check out this list of discounts for the savvy student.

Here's the situation: you’re working part-time to pay for college tuition, student fees, a ton of textbooks, your meal plan, and spending money so you can have some fun with your friends. Yep, student life can be expensive, but look on the bright side. You’ve got a few years to put your Student ID to work and grab as many discounts as you can! As you begin to settle in to your new school year, check out these strategies for finding college student discounts. We highlight some particularly great discounts for 2013, as well.

We take a look at the latest news about the college apartment market.

We take a look at the latest news about the college apartment market.
We take a look at news in the college apartment market. Check out the latest findings.
Say goodbye to the stereotype of the frivolous college student who racks up debt and spends with abandon. Today’s students are much more budget-conscious, and they’re particularly sensitive to the costs of student housing. Students still want the right location and great amenities, but they are looking very carefully at all their options before they commit to a lease. Recession reality check Students just entering college in Fall 2013 were high school freshmen during the height of the recent recession. According to rental industry publication Multifamily Executive, these students watched their families struggle with financial hardships like joblessness and upside-down mortgages. As a result, they are entering college intent on minimizing debt and stretching their rental dollars.

A dedicated, organized study space could be your ticket to straight As this semester!

apartment study space
Summerfield Apartment Homes in Harvey, LA
College students are expected to spend much of their time studying. Out of convenience, this important task is often done in front of the TV, at the kitchen table or even sprawled out on the floor. But these poor study habits can have adverse effects. If your apartment doesn't have the right setup for a student, it can be difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, prep for exams and write term papers. So, why not create a study nook that encourages learning? Our tips should point you in the right direction.

post-graduation moving

post-graduation moving

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More than 70 percent of graduates are planning on moving to a new city once they say goodbye to their college campus and hello to corporate America. Nearly half of all students are most concerned about finding an apartment in the “right” neighborhood after graduation. Click on the infographic for more interesting insights into what post-grads want most in their next place.

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Spring Break on a Budget After the long winter months, it seems like spring can't get here soon enough. But if you think that being on a budget will put a damper on your travel plans, not to worry. Get out of your apartment and away from the books for spring break by following these easy tips to let loose on the cheap.