Suzanne Willis
super host for super bowl

Whether you’re rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots this year, or you love the commercials and half-time show, a Super Bowl party is a great reason to invite friends over and show off your place and your hosting skills.

Here are a few tips to ensure a “big win” for you as host/hostess.

Party time

The party should begin before kickoff. The pre-game show may be important to your guests, so ensure the TV is on (volume too!) when guests arrive.


Go all out with team colors, or choose decorations with a football theme. It’s your place. Make it memorable in the style that is appropriate for you.


Super Bowl is a great time to get creative with your cuisine. For this year, your menu could include New England Clam Chowder or Philly Cheesesteak sliders. Or simply create themed names for your food:  Cheesesteak Nachos or Philadelphia “eagles” wings.

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If it feels like winter, plan where the coats will go.  The top of your bed is an easy bet.


Make sure you have enough seating for your guests (that may include pillows on the floor.) Also, if you have a patio area, you could designate that as a game-free zone where guests can feel comfortable to mingle with one another and not talk over the game. Also, have the bathroom ready with essentials: extra toilet paper, clean hand towels and soap, etc.


Be sure you have plenty of plates and napkins. (Paper is fine to use and much easier!) With a buffet, people may make several trips to fill small plates. Fresh ones are better!


Set up the bar and have it ready to run on its own. Beer and wine can easily be stored in a big cooler. If you’re making a specialty cocktail, mix it ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is turn on the blender in the middle of a big play.
Hot Tip: Even if you’re busy, always be aware of the action on screen if you are near the TV. Don’t cross in front of the TV during a play, or you could hurt your reputation as a host or hostess.

Clean up

Make it easy for your guests to find the trash can. Good guests should clean up after themselves but if they don’t, you should be ready to ensure dirty plates and glasses aren’t piling up.

Parting Gift

This isn’t necessary but will leave an unforgettable impression. Have a little token of appreciation for your guests as they leave. Maybe it’s something funny like a “hangover” kit of aspirin, Tums, and eye drops. Or perhaps chocolate shaped footballs created at a specialty shop. Whatever you do, be sure to thank your guests for coming to your party with a smile!

Ensure Safety

As your guests leave, be sure they are capable to drive or riding with someone who is. As the host, it’s the smart thing to do. Be sure to thank everyone for attending your party. It’s the winning way to end a party.
A good host looks relaxed and never frantic. Take time to sit down and enjoy the game, so your guests feel welcome and not like a burden.



About The Author

Suzanne Willis is a respected PR professional in the hospitality industry. For many years, she has also consulted on etiquette and brand reputation, while providing etiquette training for corporate employees. Willis is the owner of Mimi's Manners, which hosts etiquette classes for children across the Southeast.