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Living in an apartment means you're most likely dealing with an itty bitty living space. Your entryway? Practically non-existent. But that doesn't mean you can't join in on the glories of decorating for fall.

You've got your pumpkin spice latte and flannel shirt, why not take it one step further? Apartment dwellers just have to get creative.

1. A festive fall wreath

fall wreath

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You can start thinking outside the box by actually going outside. A wreath is a simple way to dress up your front door that will make an instant statement without taking up space – and you can change them every season.

The wreath you see above is versatile enough that it can be used once you start to feel the slightest inkling of a fall breeze in September on through November when you're ready to break out the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving.


2. A dual-purpose doormat

fall doormat

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A charming doormat can also liven your entry. Not only will it keep the dirt outdoors, but it can celebrate the season in style – and provide your guests with a giggle when they get to your apartment.

3. Put out pumpkins

glitter pumpkin

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Of course, you can't do fall without pumpkins. Pick up some decorative pumpkins from a craft store and you won't have to worry about it rotting before the end of fall.

Use glitter to give the pumpkins an additional pump of spice and instead of flowers, fill a clear vase with small pumpkins or pinecones.

pumpkins in a jar

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4. Give us a sign

Another option for outside, or even inside if you have the space, is a porch sign. It's easy to prop up by your front door … no drill required. This reversible porch sign is a great choice because you can flip it over once winter rolls around. fall sign

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Totally winter ready on the opposite side…

fall sign

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5. Treat your table

Stepping inside your apartment, you can do a lot with minimal space. A small entryway table is a good start.

entry table

Photo courtesy of Melisa Raney

A clear vase with orange flowers and a "classy" jack-o'-lantern brings instant fall to your space.

entry table

Photo courtesy of Melisa Raney

The sky's the limit for how you can decorate your table. Whatever catches your eye will make a good addition.

6. Go up, not out

Another way to maximize space – go vertical! Check out this idea using a 3-tier tray.

fall stand

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7. Write it out

fall chalkboard

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A chalkboard is a great way to add some character without taking up too much space on your entryway table. It's also easy to change out the message with each season.

Remember, apartment living doesn't have to be boring. Changing out decor for the changing seasons can liven up your rental. Stick to small decorations so they're easier to store during the off-season – and easier to move when it's time to upgrade to a bigger space.



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