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The verdict is in: Apartment renters love painted walls, but don’t love the hassle that goes along with them.

According to the 520 people who responded to Apartment Guide’s Spring Spruce-Up Survey, 42 percent of those surveyed said they do have permission from their apartment communities to paint, and the vast majority agreed a painted wall would make their apartments feel more like home.

Spring Spruce-Up Survey: Your Preferences on Painting

Spring Spruce-Up Survey: Your Preferences on Painting

However, most people aren’t planning to paint, and most said it’s because they worry about having to repaint the wall back to the original color when it’s time to move out. People were also put off painting by their own lack of knowledge and skill, as well as the cost and time commitment.

Spring Spruce-Up Survey: Your Preferences on Painting

Spring Spruce-Up Survey: Your Preferences on Painting

But if they were going to paint, 85 percent of respondents said painting an accent wall would do more to make a space look and feel bigger than painting with bold colors, painting a ceiling or painting vertical stripes.

We couldn’t agree more – accent walls make powerful décor statements. They create a focal point in your space, which is a real design plus, and add a sense of depth to a space.

More design advice from the AG Blog:

Spring Spruce-Up Survey: Your Preferences on Painting

And what about color choices? Earth-toned colors, such as leafy greens and soil-like browns, are the most popular choice – 42 percent of respondents would choose those types of colors. The next popular option was neutral colors, with 38 percent; primary colors would be the choice of 14 percent; and vibrant colors such as turquoise was the least popular choice, with just 6 percent saying they’d choose those colors.

Spring Spruce-Up Survey: Your Preferences on Painting

More on colors:

If you can’t paint your apartment, or if you’re worried about the hassle of painting it back one day, we have a great solution: Temporary wall coverings! Strippable wallpaper, fabric, curtains, wall art – all these things can add a world of color to a wall without causing any permanent damage.

What are your thoughts on painting your place? Yea or nay?

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