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Forget living the high life – go for the spa life! The newest things to look for in apartment community amenities are convenient spa services, on-site and off.


If this kind of lifestyle is important to your well-being, here are some luxurious options you should be booking for.

On-site aaaaah-ptions
A developing trend in apartment living is the addition of on-site spa and wellness services, including massage, facial and custom treatments. Upscale residences may feature a wellness spa, especially when the building shares patronage with a hotel where guests can use the facility as well.

But you don’t have to be high-brow to make the most of spa life. Smaller apartment communities often offer basics like a pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room. Some even feature a spa treatment room where massage therapists and aestheticians can make house calls.

Nurturing nearby
On-site spa treatment might not be a necessity if you have a spa center located near your apartment. Self-proclaimed spa junkies might look for apartment communities adjacent to med spas, wellness facilities and beauty salons. If your aren’t sure what neighborhood conveniences are in the area, sites like Bliss and SpaFinder can help you scout out a soothing solution.

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Off-site services may give you a wider range of options, like laser hair removal, mud baths, specialty peels, collagen treatments and craniosacral (head) massage. To get the best deal on these delights, sign up online to receive updates from SpaWeek, a site devoted to discounts which encourage you to try new services. You can also find great deals on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial for the latest trends in treatments.

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Outdoor ohms
Remember, not all pampering has to take place indoors. Relaxation is an essential part of the spa experience, and it might be easy to find soothing outdoor spaces in your apartment community.

Does your apartment have a Zen garden, nature trail or dog park? Those are all great places to escape to nature, relax and have a little fun. Venture outside and see what kind of spa-like experience you can create for free. An afternoon on a blanket in a grassy spot might just do the trick!

Creating a spa life means being open to unexpected moments of comfort and relaxation in or near your apartment community. When you need to chill out, why not get out there and explore your options!

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