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Small, disorganized closet
With a few inexpensive items, your small closet can go from a mess to an organized space.

Apartment life might mean living with a small closet or very little closet space. You have to fit your entire wardrobe in a tiny room, which can become a challenge. Additionally, in some apartments, you probably have more than just clothes, such as random knick-knacks and even appliances. However, before you start purging items because they don’t fit in your closet, here are a few items that will help you get the most use out of your space.

Bulky hangers take up a lot of space, but there are ultra thin varieties that will help you save some space. Some options include:

  • Ultra thin no slip velvet hangers, often less than a 1/2 inch thin.
  • Magic hangers than can hold up to five garments each.
  • Often times, there is unused room under your shirts that are hung up.
  • Use  over-the-door hooks to take advantage of an often unused space.

Closet Door
In addition to the over door hooks suggested above, there are a variety of other items you can use to take advantage of the space. Add a shoe organizer to your closet door. This will save you space in your closet, and it will allow you to see your shoes, making it easier to choose which ones to wear. Another item that can be useful for winter coats and other bulky items is an over-the-door garment rack.

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Closet Bins
Using see-through storage bins with lids will be useful in a small closet. This is perfect for your winter clothes during the summer months and vice versa. Using the medium-sized clear bins is perfect for your winter gear – hats, scarves and gloves.

Miscellaneous Items and Tips
These other items are a perfect addition to your closet to save space.

  • A tie rack/organizer that can hold up to 20 ties. It hangs on the rod in your closet, and it allows you to see your ties easily.
  • Use windowed boxes for your sweaters. These boxes will protect your sweaters, and it makes it possible to find a specific sweater quicker.
  • If you are using boxes or bins in your closet to organize items, clearly make each bin so you know the contents of each. This step makes it easy when you change items out; you just have to change the label.
  • If you keep your shoes in boxes or bins, take a picture of the shoes and tape it to the outside of the bin.

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