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Smart unpacking usually starts with smart packing.

While there’s no wrong way to unpack your things in your new apartment, there are some smarter ways to do it that will help with apartment organization in the future.

When you prioritize carefully, you’ll get settled in more quickly and with less stress. Take a look at these tips!

Organize by room
Piling up boxes willy-nilly all over your apartment is just going to make a mess. Hopefully you practiced a little smart packing before your move and labeled your boxes accurately. That will help you with step one of smart unpacking: organizing your boxes by room. Ideally you can do this as you bring the boxes into your apartment. Even if you have all your boxes jammed in the living room at first, start moving them into the rooms where those items belong. Just be sure to line them up against the wall, so they are out of the way until you are ready to set up your new place.

Grab your tools
Bravo! Now you have a head start on your room organization. The next step is to arm yourself for unpacking. This means grabbing all of the tools you’ll need to open, empty and break down your moving boxes. All you’ll really need is a box cutter and a trash bag to stash filler like newspaper and packing peanuts.

Fall in love with your new apartment:

Start with essentials
Okay, your boxes are in their appropriate rooms and you’ve got your gear. Now what? The most important place to start is with the essential rooms where you do most of your living. If you packed a “first night” priority box, then start there. Next you should tackle your bedroom and bathroom, so you can sleep at night and get dressed in the morning. The kitchen is your next goal — though if you enjoy eating out, it can really wait a few days.

Be patient with the peripherals
Once you’ve got your three key areas unpacked – bed, bath, kitchen – take your time with the peripheral items like books, artwork, decorative items and stuff that goes outdoors or in closet storage.

If you have space, pull out all of your wall art or knick-knacks and place them on one table. Then take some time to envision where they should go and even try them out in different rooms. Lean artwork against the wall or get a friend to hold it up and see what you think.

There’s no particular hurry to get these extras just right. If you still have unpacked boxes after 3 months, however, you might set a deadline to motivate yourself!

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