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You’ve read how to decorate for small spaces, so you’re already familiar with the smoke-and-mirrors acts of hanging curtains from the ceiling to make the room look taller, purchasing multi-purpose furniture and painting the walls a light color.


But when it’s time to pick out furniture for your small space, you should also opt for pieces with thin frames, faux headboards, glass tops and armless chairs and sofas. Room by room, here’s a suggested list of small furniture for your apartment.


For your bed, you could always use a double bed with a low-profile mattress and box springs and no headboard. Instead, if you're allowed to do so, paint a headboard on your wall to trace and fill in a faux headboard. Or, purchase a cheap headboard and cover it in your own favorite light-colored fabric. Place an end table beside your bed, and pair it with a tall chest drawer, which will advantage of the height of your room versus taking up width.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

Home Office

Depending on how wide your home office space is, opt for an all-in-one desk with drawers and enough surface space for all your storage needs. There should be plenty of room for working, printing, writing, file storage and all your other office related odds and ends. If you choose the right desk, there should be no need for additional file cabinets or other storage pieces.

Create a Reading Nook in Your Apartment

Living Room

In your common living space, opt for multi-seating options. Love seats are pretty awesome because they're stylish and will seat a couple of people at once. While a sectional will fit more people, keep in mind that you may not have enough square footage for this piece just yet.

Make a decision to go for either a coffee table or one or two end tables. If space is an issue, you won't have room for both. End tables tend to take up less space and are more accessible as you lounge on the arm of the sofa.

Top 5 Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room

Dining Room

In your dining room, opt for a table and chairs that boast height, not width. A set that's taller than normal will ensure that you're not taking up too much of your dining space. If you can add individual shelves to the wall, this is great for placing wine glasses and other dinnerware.

Create a Double-Duty Dining Room


These days, clutter can be cleverly hidden in well-designed multi-purpose pieces. If you have the space, add a storage bench or ottoman to your living room, which serves as a bench, coffee table, living room storage and two footrests in attractively upholstered espresso-finished faux leather. The underside of the bench’s lid has a built-in tray for supporting drinks and plates, should you opt for this piece over a dining room table.





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