6 Ways to Show Your Roommate Some Platonic Love

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be just for lovers? If you ask us, there’s plenty of love to spread around, even to the people you’re not romantically involved with – like, for example, your roommate. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to do something nice for your roomie, just to say “I love you – but in a totally friendly way.”

Need ideas for something sweet to do for your roommate? We’ve got you covered:

1. Clean the place.

Imagine your roommate’s delight if he or she came home to a freshly cleaned apartment. Stick to the communal spaces – your roomie might feel like you’ve been invading his or her personal space if you try to clean their bedroom or bathroom – but a thoroughly cleaned living room or kitchen is a nice little surprise.

2. Cook them dinner (or order in!)

You can even make it a surprise. What’s your roommate’s favorite dinner or beloved takeout place? Once you find out, pick an evening when you know they’ll be home and give them a tasty treat.

3. Make them a lunch to take to work/school.

Remember when your mom or dad used to do this for you as a kid? If your roommate takes a lunch to work or school every day, they’ll appreciate you taking the time to pack some food for them. Don’t forget to write a nice little note on the napkin.

4. Handle one of the bills yourself instead of splitting it.

If you can afford it, this is a nice thing to do for your living partner. Paying their share of the rent may be a stretch, so pick a smaller bill – the water, power or cable, for example.

5. Upgrade something.

Take stock of the things you use together, like the toaster, blender, or stereo system. Is it old and busted? If so, and if you can afford it, upgrade! Even if you take it with you when you move, you’ll both be able to enjoy it now.

6. Take them for a night out, on you.

Call it a platonic date night. Pick a restaurant you know your roomie loves and a movie he or she is dying to see. If you’re new roommates, or just haven’t bonded yet, this would be a great step towards becoming BFFs.

How will you show your roommate some love this Valentine’s Day?

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