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Many questions run through your mind as you get ready for a move, and one big one may be “should I rent a moving truck?” Before you start calling moving companies and inquiring about truck rental services, look for the signs whether you do or don’t need to invest in a moving truck rental.

Should You Rent a Moving Truck?

Signs point to “no”

–  You currently share a room in an apartment or have a studio apartment.

–  You have at least two friends or family members to help you move.

–  You aren’t in a hurry and can move your belongings over several days, weekends or weeks.

–  You feel most comfortable driving small cars and have trouble parking in tight spots.

If you live in a small space and don’t have much to move, you can probably skip the moving truck rental.

Driving a moving truck of any size can be tricky and will present an extra challenge if you get nervous driving (and parking) large vehicles.

Depending on where you are moving, perhaps you can move yourself by borrowing a friend’s pickup truck or making several trips in a car. If you have people who can lend a hand and perhaps a vehicle — and you can move a little at a time over several weeks — save your money for a nice dinner to reward those kind helpers rather than renting a moving truck.

Signs point to “yes”

–  You are moving the contents of an entire apartment with more than one bedroom.

–  You are doing most of the moving on your own.

–  You need to get the move done in a day.

–  You are a confident driver who feels comfortable driving a large vehicle.

If you have an entire household to move in a short amount of time, renting a truck may be a smart move.

When time is of the essence, a truck rental gives you the ability to get the job done in a day — depending on the distance of your move, of course. Though you’ll need to be wise about choosing your truck size, your move will go much more quickly when you can pack everything in one load and make a single trip.

Being a confident driver will make handling a moving truck much less stressful for you, and if you follow a few wise moving truck driving tips, you’ll be fine.

If the signs point to yes and you are sold on renting a moving truck, talk to your rental company about any additional questions you have and make sure you rent the right truck for your move. In no time, you’ll be trading in your rental truck keys for new apartment keys.

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