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girl scout cookies

If ever there were three words to strike mortal fear in the hearts of New Year's resolution dieters, it's "Girl Scout cookies."

Is your super trooper ready to get her badge in “cha-ching?" You may not even have to leave home to clean up! If you're looking for unique sales ideas, apartment communities are stellar locations in which to sling Samoas and peddle Peanut Butter Patties. Just make sure you clear it with property managers beforehand.

Some properties have strict guidelines about door-to-door soliciting – but may let you set a booth up somewhere on the grounds.

Getting written permission from the office is a great idea, too. While most people are delighted to have Girl Scout cookies delivered to their door, a few may not be so thrilled. With pre-approval in writing, you can save them the trouble of a complaint call.


It's a great gig if you don't mind climbing stairs. The benefit of hitting them at home (as opposed to when they're coming out of the gym) is that they're already in the zone for snacking in front of the TV, and they're sure to have their wallet on hand!

Hot tip: Girl Scout cookies are freezable! Remind your customers they can stock up and enjoy their favorites long after the selling season is over.

You'll also need a wagon and at least one adult selling partner (Safety first! Never sell alone!), but it can be fun with a Girl Scout partner or two, as well.

Hot tip: At $4 per box, people might balk if you don't have change. Be sure to have enough of a bank roll to break larger bills, but knowing your math could help you upsell – simply suggest five boxes for $20!

“Drive" through sales

Again, with permission from your property management company, simply turn your car's trunk into a sales booth on wheels. Have the scouts make signs or even wear cookie-related costumes to get attention (don't be unsafe or too loud, of course!) and hail residents – those coming or going as they drive by, pedestrians, dog walkers, etc. – to stop and pick up a box or two.

Hot tip: Create a cookie-centric playlist to make things more festive.

Mail sales

This is where you can really clean up. Set up a booth (even a makeshift one – just a wagon full of cookies and a camping chair will do) at your community's mailbox station. The best hours are between 5 – 8 p.m. as folks are rolling in from work. Most people like to grab their mail on the way home, so you're sure to score some sales as people turn to a cookie binge to soothe their bill woes!

Hot tip: Make cards. Business cards with your scout's name and a parent or guardian's phone number or email will make spontaneous sale deliveries possible. Consider making some up and handing them out with purchases so your new customers will know where to find you.

Did you know that one top-seller in Oklahoma contributed enough in sales to afford a trip to Mexico for her whole troop?! There's some motivation for stair climbing at your apartment community – great practice for making your way up those ancient Mayan ruins.



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