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Are you longing to be part of a larger community? You may have to look no further than your own apartment community to find like-minded friends.


Here are some tips on how to seek out community in your own backyard.

What to look for
Take a moment to think about what community really means to you. What do you want yours to look like, and who do you want to share it with?

Are you looking for people who think like you, or are you looking for people to challenge your way of thinking? Do you like to hang out with those who share your interests, or are you looking for people to introduce you to new experiences?

Consider just what you would like to bond over. Perhaps you are looking for new friends for leisure-time fun. You might want to make friends who share your political motivations. If you have a family with children, you might like to find friends with families, as well.

Having a clear idea of what you are looking for will help you identify groups you will enjoy spending time with.

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Where to look
Apartment get-togethers are great events to look for friends. You could find great people with whom you get along at the next movie night, book club meeting or community potluck. Strike up conversations with people at these events – don’t be shy! – and see if you can find the new friend who shares some of your interests.

Another place to look for new neighborhood partners is on your apartment community’s Facebook page. You could find someone commenting on an issue you feel strongly about. You can reply online or even seek out a conversation in person.

Networking with your neighbors is a great way to get to know new people. Introduce yourself while doing laundry or hanging out at the pool. You just might make a meaningful connection.

Creating your community
Once you have met some people with whom you feel you really get along, plan a shared outing to get to know them better. It might be best to meet new people out in public – maybe at the pool or clubhouse — for the first few times until you feel comfortable enough to invite them over, for instance. Use your judgment.

Once you have found your "people," it is important to make regular dates to see your new friends. This will keep bonds strong. You will find that having a community full of individuals to count on for stimulating company is a truly rewarding experience – especially when you live near one another in your own apartment neighborhood!

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