You may have noticed that we’ve had a little bit of a love affair with Seattle lately. Did you catch our list of the city’s top 10 neighborhoods? Or how about the Seattle blogs we highly suggest for locals?

Today we’re taking it up a notch by connecting with a Seattle expert for some insider knowledge about what it’s like to live in the Emerald City.

That’s where Mollie in Seattle comes in.

Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
Photo by sunshine charlie

We spoke with this local fashionista (who resides in the happening neighborhood of Belltown) about life in northwest. Here’s what she had to say:

Our internal research shows that Belltown is a hot neighborhood among renters. Any idea why this area is in such high demand right now?
“There’s a lot to do here. I’ve lived in Belltown for a few years, and I’ve lived in different buildings. I love being close to the water. I can actually see water from my apartment. That’s really important to me. I’m in the middle of downtown. I’m close to Olympic Sculpture Park and Pike Place Market is only about a half mile south. I like that it’s a community of people like me – working young professionals in their 20s. And I’m close to so many things! I do drive to work, but on weekends there’s so many options. I can walk to the market and get fresh fish that was just caught and make a good dinner. I’m within walking distance of tons of amazing restaurants. There’s also parks for running and exercising which I’m really into.”

Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
Pike Place Market
Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
Pike Place Market

We also hear that Capitol Hill is a hot neighborhood in the city.

“Yes, Capitol Hill has tons of restaurants and cool bars popping up. It’s a great area for foodies or people who get really excited about craft cocktails. If I ever give anyone restaurant recommendations, I’ll usually include places in Capitol Hill. It’s more of a hipster scene. There’s a university there, so there’s a lot of students. It can be a bit chaotic. I prefer to be somewhere that’s a little more quiet.”

Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
College campus in Capitol Hill, Seattle
Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
World of Beer on Pine Street in Capitol Hill, Seattle

In your opinion, what makes a neighborhood stylish, trendy or hip?

“From where I live, I have a lot of options. I can go to the gym for boxing. There’s a nearby trail for running. There’s plenty of restaurants and speakeasies. Having lots of options I think is important. I can go to fancy dinners, or have takeout delivered to my apartment. There’s lots of local businesses so I can meet the owners of the restaurants I go to. I know boutique owners. I can support local people who are trying to make this community a great place.”

Broadway Shops in Capitol Hill, Seattle
Broadway Shops in Capitol Hill, Seattle

We know that you love living in Belltown. But if you could pack up and move to any other Seattle neighborhood tomorrow, which one would you choose and why?
“That’s a tough question! I actually see myself here for quite a while. But if I had to move, perhaps I’d consider Madison Park. It’s a little past Capitol Hill and it’s near the water – Lake Washington. There’s more houses and families. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with homes built in the 1900s. There’s tons of history there and it’s only about a 10-15 minute drive into the city.”

Now let’s get a little into your element. What Seattle neighborhoods do you think are best for shopping, especially for renters on a budget?
“I’m about a 10-12 minute walk away from Pacific Place which is really popular for shopping. There’s a Nordstrom, Zara and Forever 21. There’s also a TJ Maxx and Ross nearby where you can find brand names for really low prices. In Belltown, there’s lots of cute boutiques for men’s and women’s clothes. There’s even some high-end consignment shops. Actually, I just found a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for, like, $100. And at Pike Place Market, you can get locally handmade things like jewelry.”

Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
Broadway Shops in Capitol Hill, Seattle
Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
University Village, Seattle

Are there any destinations in Seattle that visually take your breath away?
“Yes, a lot of them, actually.

Olympic Sculpture Park is where you can see huge pieces of artwork. It’s on the water so you can see everything – the ocean, Mount Rainier, the city skyline and the Space Needle.”

Seattle Scoop: Q&A with Mollie in Seattle
Olympic Sculpture Park

“Kerry Park is where you go to see a view of Seattle. It’s a huge spot for marriage proposals and photo shoots.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel has stunning architecture.

At the glass garden [Chihuly Garden and Glass], even if you don’t go inside, you can still see inside the museum. It’s like a jungle of flowers and plants, but it’s all made of glass.”

Tell us a little bit about your apartment renting experience.
“I used to live closer to Pike Place Market. But the building I’m in now has more room. It’s further north from the market, but it’s more quiet which I like. There’s tons of other awesome buildings in the neighborhood. It’s safe. They offer concierge service, underground parking, great amenities, rooftops, gyms. It’s great.

I love Seattle. I was born and raised here. I’ve traveled a lot, but it’s always nice to come back home.”



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