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Moving into an apartment you can afford sometimes means opting for a smaller space.


But if you come with a lot of baggage, it can be difficult to figure out where to put all your stuff.

Maximize your storage space by following these simple and clever techniques below.

Free Up Bedroom Space
A small apartment’s biggest challenge can be the bedroom, where you’re trying to squeeze your original bed from another place into a smaller room. Lighten the load by ditching the nightstand. Create a hanging nightstand by installing a closet shelf upside down on the wall next to your bed, or get a bedside table with shelves. Use plastic storage bins or even your luggage to store out of season clothes and baby keepsakes—anything you don’t need access to daily—beneath your bed.

Get creative with storage in the bathroom, where space is often at a premium.
Get creative with storage in the bathroom, where space is often at a premium.

Get Creative in the Bathroom
Your bathroom is probably your smallest space, so storage is definitely at a premium. Get creative by rolling up your towels and wash cloths and stuffing them in a wine rack, and get a storage shelf that sits over your toilet tank for holding your other necessities. Color coordinated baskets can also keep your items neatly sorted and tidy.

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De-clutter the Kitchen
Maximize your kitchen’s useable space by hanging wire organizers on the inside of your pantry door and cabinet doors. Or, turn a wire organizer on its side to stack and organize your pans and baking dishes. Put dry goods like rice, cereal and flour in labeled, sealable, stackable containers to save shelf space and keep everything neat and organized. A rolling table island will add counter space and give you a place for your microwave and extra utensils. Add a magnetic strip to the backsplash to give you easy access to your knives and free up additional counter space.

“Hook” it Up
Adhesive hooks are easy to install and remove, and can add much needed storage to almost any space. Put them on bathroom doors, bedroom closets and inside cabinets. Store placemats in a clip hung from a hook inside the pantry, or use them to organize your pot lids and save cabinet space.

Turn Any Space into Storage Space
Use decorative boxes to store seldom-used items under coffee tables, end tables, desks and even living room tables and couches. If you want your baskets or bins to be out of sight, hide them with decorative fabric or tablecloths. That way your stuff will always be handy yet out of the way.




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