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Living with a roommate can be great, but it can also test the limits of your patience.

The most challenging apartment roommate may very well be whomever is currently living under the same roof with you.

Check out these nine types of roommates you’ll likely recognize. From the Clean Freak to the Night Owl, some of these types really put the ‘apart-‘ in apartment!

Fantasia on roommate life (as inspired by clever TV advertising)
When you settle on a roommate, you’re agreeing to live with that person, quirks, habits and all.

As you live with the person, you get to know that person.

When you get to know that person, his behavior might occasionally annoy you.

When your roommate’s behavior annoys you, you might fantasize about not having a roommate anymore.

When you fantasize about not having a roommate anymore, you begin to get jealous of a friend who lives alone.

When you get jealous of a friend who lives alone, you might want to move in with that friend, who’d like a roommate.

If you move in with that friend and become roommates, that friend gets to know you and your own annoying behavior.

Don’t settle on an annoying roommate, only to become one yourself!

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