roommate decor war

Even if you’ve found the perfect roommate, challenges will eventually arise. One of the first battles that you and your roomie may face is how to decorate your new space.

Your style is simple and contemporary while your roommate likes lots of adornments and antiques. Even with opposite styles, don’t let your roommate ruckus get out of hand. Here are some simple ways to settle the decor war!

roommate decor war
Retreat at Flatirons Apartments in Broomfield, CO

When it comes to common areas like the living room, kitchen, dining room or a shared bathroom, let an old school solution settle the disagreement. Flip a coin. It’s fair and completely unbiased.

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roommate decor war
Clairmont at Brier Creek Apartments in Raleigh, NC

This way you can settle disagreements before any money is spent. Not only will it help you to get a better feel of your roommate’s likes and dislikes, it’ll also stop hideous purchases from being made.

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roommate decor war
Epic Apartments in San Jose, CA

Don’t go moving that sofa to the other side of the living room without first checking with your roomie. You don’t necessarily need to ask for permission, but soliciting their opinion is a common courtesy. How would you feel if you walked into your apartment and the entire living room was suddenly rearranged? Not cool.

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roommate decor wars
The District Apartments in Clearwater, FL

Why bother fighting over a room that you know you won’t be spending time in? The dining room is generally a very formal space for enjoying meals. If you have zero interest in hanging out there much, let your bedfellow spruce it up.

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roommate decor wars
Gateway at Summerset Apartments in Pittsburgh, PA

No one else should dictate how you adorn your own private space. If lime green bed linens and animal print pillows are your thing, have at it.

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Tell us: How have you handled decor disputes with your roomie?



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