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Revamp Your Apartment This Spring
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Take a look around your apartment. Is it ready for a décor revamp? Spring is right around the corner, and this is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your space and give it an updated look.

This year, new trends are popping up, including incorporating Pantone’s bold color of the year, as well as an emphasis on art. If you’re looking to step outside of the box and be daring in your décor, 2013’s your year. Read on to learn how to incorporate 2013’s décor trends into your apartment.

Add Pops of Color
Painting isn’t always an option for apartment dwellers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add pops of color throughout your space. Pantone, an industry leader who sets the tone for home décor, announced its color of the year for 2013: Emerald. According to Pantone’s website, “emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world.” To add color to your walls without painting, frame emerald-inspired paintings in a set of three or cover a large canvas with an emerald-colored fabric. You can also incorporate the color with accent pieces, such as throw pillows, blankets, vases or picture frames. Or, if you’re feeling extra daring, consider painting a piece of furniture, such as a dresser, TV stand or side tables.

Shine Brightly
Energy-efficient LED lighting products are still a hit in 2013. This includes cove, tray ceiling, toe kick, and under- and above- cabinet lighting. Finishes for lighting include chrome and polished nickel, which appeal to Generation “Y” and baby boomers.

Incorporate Patterns
One way to spruce up your décor is by adding patterns, though the key is to not overdo it. One of the trends present during Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week was stripes. Stripes bring movement into a room, and designers will likely to incorporate this trend in their decorating this season. Mix and match different sized stripes for a rug or accent pillows. If your big furniture is neutral, consider adding in a bold accent piece, such as a striped accent chair, which will add a spark to your space.

Another trend in patterns for 2013 is incorporating botanical prints. This includes floral prints and plants. Avoid going overboard, as adding a select few prints will go a long way. To make it subtle, make black and white prints of illustrations and attach them to colorful card stock. You can also line the back of a bookcase with botanical images.

Use Metallic Finishes
Metallics are making a comeback this year. Brass is back, and it is easy to incorporate into your space – not to mention it is affordable. Change out your plain lamp base for one with a brass finish, and consider changing your knobs and cabinet pulls to brass. Golds are also in style this year and can be added to your décor through a starburst mirror, accent pieces or a mirror. And don’t forget about chrome and silver – they’re around to stay.

Repurpose Wood
Though this isn’t a new trend, adding repurposed or reclaimed wood to your space will be big this year. Combining wood with metal is a popular trend. This could include a desk with an iron base and a wood top. Wooden trays, cutting boards and coasters should be showcased in your apartment.

On a budget? Make your own apartment decor:




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