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Senior Living Time to Retire

After a lifetime of working, you’re finally ready for retirement. Whether you’re thinking of heading for the sun or moving closer to family, renting an apartment is becoming an extremely attractive option for seniors during their retirement. Not only does it allow you to live in a highly desired area without the need for an expensive mortgage, but it also frees you from the responsibility of costly maintenance or repairs.

So where do you start when you’re trying to figure out your first steps into finding your perfect location?

Check With A Top Guide

Every year, Forbes Magazine releases their 25 Best Places to Retire guide. It takes into account factors such as housing costs, cost of living, taxes and crime, among others, to formulate which areas will give you the best retirement experience. Additionally, as many seniors decide to continue to work during retirement, unemployment and the job market is also factored in. This list is a great way to start thinking about what might be the best place for you.

Near You

Determine the Area’s “Livability Score”

If you’ve already got your eye on a particular area, or you’ve already started searching for apartments and want to do some research before signing on the dotted line, there’s a tool for you. The AARP, in conjunction with the Public Policy Institute, have created a Livability Index tool to measure the quality of life in American communities using multiple parameters. Factors such as housing, transportation, environment, health and social engagement are all taken into account to provide you with a snapshot of any potential senior rental community.

Start Thinking About Downsizing

Like most people, you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of stuff over the years. From old school papers to furniture collecting dust in your basement, figuring out what you can and can’t part with is often tough. Try to start sooner rather than later, as it always takes longer than you think. Speak to your family about items they might like to take off your hands, or even host a garage sale. Still not able to de-clutter? Think about hiring a professional organizer, who can help you make those tougher decisions.

Find Out What’s Available

Searching for an apartment for your retirement can feel like a daunting task. With so many choices, how do you narrow it down? Fortunately ApartmentGuide.com gives you the ability to sort and search by exactly what you're looking for. There are many varied options, allowing you to find the home that will make you happiest.

Are you looking forward to your retirement? Where are you looking to go for your golden years?



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