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Repurposing Old Items to Decorate Your Apartment

You don’t have to spend a fortune on new furniture, decorations and knickknacks for your apartment. Save money by finding old, used items and giving them a brand new life by repurposing them. Here’s how.

Use Your Imagination

Sometimes you have to get creative and think outside the box to get decorating ideas. A pair of old doors, for example, can be repurposed as a headboard for your bed. That antique sewing table in your grandmother’s attic can be used as a kitchen island. That old barn door can be turned into a lavish dining room table.

Paint It

You’d be surprised how a $5 can of paint can liven up a drab piece of furniture or object and turn it into something completely new. Or, you can even leave a piece in its original state for that rustic look.

Install New Hardware

Sometimes all a piece needs is a new set of knobs, hinges or cabinet pulls to become a cherished part of your new abode.

Strip It

Wood furniture is perhaps the easiest to repurpose because you can remove the existing finish and paint it, stain it, or leave it as is.

Bring the Outdoors In

Sometimes there’s no better way to liven up your apartment space than by bringing a bit of nature inside. Fill a vase with sticks found outside, or decorate with leaves, pine cones or fresh flowers to give your new living quarters the feel of the great outdoors.

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Deck it Out in Glass

Comb through yard sales, antique shops and thrift stores for glass bottles. Dusted off, these cool little knickknacks can add a warm, homey feel to an apartment.

Make Your Own Wall Art

Do you like art but can’t afford to shop the fancy galleries? Make your own. You can repurpose art calendars by cutting out the pictures and putting them in a cheap plastic or wood grain frame. You can do the same with old maps. Antique tools also look great hanging on the wall.

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