Summertime drinks are more affordable when you make them yourself at home!
summer cocktails
Summertime drinks are more affordable when you make them yourself at home!

Summertime trips to the bar and the coffee shop can really add up. One source even estimates that the average American worker spends $20 per week ($1,100 per year) on coffee. But there is hope for those who’d like to keep that cash in their wallets.

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With a blender and a few key ingredients, you can create a number of cool, thirst-quenching beverages without stepping foot outside your apartment.

All you need to do is decide which drinks will really satisfy your taste buds.

Sip on a cool brew
Caffeine addicts don’t need to go cold turkey this summer. Just put your vice on ice – literally! Iced coffee and iced tea have always been popular, and they’re even more delicious when you add an unexpected splash of flavor.

Craft a tropical blend
Summertime often prompts daydreams of tropical beaches and island flavors. Did someone say mojito? This traditional Cuban cocktail is a seasonal favorite. Usually made with a sweet fusion of sugar cane, rum, lime juice and mint, that’s just the beginning. Other alternatives include this blueberry lemon lavender mojito blend. 

Smoothies are another seasonal treat that you can create and enjoy in your apartment. For example, an apricot-mango madness smoothie would be a yummy way to start the day, then a boozy smoothie simply made of fruit, yogurt and your favorite wine can cap off a long day’s work.

Simple seasonal sparkler
Experiencing an invigorating summer drink doesn’t have to mean buying strange ingredients that you wouldn’t normally need. Wow your guests by creating a fancy fizz or spritzer by using what you already have.

Got club soda? Add it to your wine, liquor or beer. Or how about this: a simple mix of fruit, lemon juice, sugar, salt and sparkling water (or club soda) makes for a great homemade fruit spritzer. 

Keep it skinny
Okay, so guzzling down all these mouthwatering drinks might not be so kind to your girlish figure. That’s where the calorie-conscious Skinnygirl Cocktails come in. Not sure which flavor to try? Check out this taste test to see what others are saying about this trendy brand of drinks made especially for the ladies.

Whether you choose to tip well at the bar or spend $6 on a tall non-fat caramel macchiato every morning, that money will continue to add up. Instead, save your dollar bills and stock up on items to make your own tasty drinks in the comfort of your own apartment!

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