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Do you love moving? Though moving takes effort, many people love the challenge and look forward to an opportunity to start over. If you have moved, you may have realized that these challenges can turn into advantages.


Let’s take a look at the positive aspects of making a move. Here are eight great reasons to be psyched about a new space.

Downsizing or upsizing

New places give you the opportunity to change your living scale. If your current space is too big for your lifestyle, you can weed out the excess and move to a smaller apartment that is more efficient, less cluttered and less expensive. On the flip side, if you’ve been cramped and have the urge to bust out of a small space, you can have fun filling a new, larger space with your dream furniture.


If you’ve gotten bored with blah decor, moving gives you a chance to start fresh. Donate or trash the stuff you don’t love. Set a budget to buy new decor for your next apartment, and have fun trying a new color scheme or theme. If your style has tended toward pink and girly, try crisp and nautical. Escape a dark color scheme and transform your look with light neutrals and bright colors.

Meeting new people

Social butterflies jump at any chance to meet new folks, and a move is a great excuse to find a new group of friends. You can buddy up with apartment neighbors or meet new people at the local coffee shop. New friends offer welcome change, expanding your outlook.


There’s no way around it: moving forces you to get organized. When you have trouble getting your things in order, moving necessitates sorting through your stuff, getting rid of what you don’t need and organizing what you want to keep.


Budgeting doesn’t sound like much fun, but it can really revamp your life. Moving to a place with less expensive rent or utilities helps you decrease stress. If your finances have gotten out of hand, a move forces you to reassess and create a fresh plan for your new expenses. You can use moving as an opportunity to focus on what’s really important to you financially.

Shifting perspective

It’s a simple thing, but looking at life in a new way can really recharge your batteries. New discoveries like restaurants, shops and parks in a new neighborhood can brighten up your daily routine. A small change such as moving from a top floor to a garden apartment could spark a love for grilling and gardening. Even a small adjustment to your living situation might have a big impact.

Trying new amenities

Dying to do laundry in your own apartment, rather than at a laundromat? Pining away for a pool? Moving is prime time to find new amenities you’ve been dreaming about. Make a list of everything you would love to have available to you, and keep this checklist handy as you search for an apartment.


Moving gives a great excuse to have a housewarming party. Introducing friends to your new home is an excellent reason for a shindig, complete with awesome housewarming gifts, of course!

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