In business, there are few things more valuable than a company’s reputation, and in a world where opinions have gone viral – and mobile! – keeping a close watch on what people are saying is paramount.

When the battle for social media supremacy involves both reputation and knowledge, how does a leasing company turn all those bits of shared information into rented units?

What if you knew when a great online review was posted about your community – or a really negative one? If you followed and could address these very different situations quickly, how many potential renters could you influence – and how many units might you be able to rent?

Apartment Guide wants to connect you with a system called Reputation Monitor which helps with these and many other important online brand management tasks.

The Reputation Monitor interface allows you to call up consumer comments from a wide variety of online sources like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Citysearch – all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

With the visibility monitoring provided by this product, you can easily find apartment community listings on the Web sites and social networks you choose to follow– alongside reviews and ratings– for valuable consumer insight.

And use the metrics collected by Reputation Monitor to keep a close eye on where you stand, including how often your property is mentioned compared to your competitors.

If renting success depends, in part, on popularity, then it helps to know who’s ahead – and taking a proactive stance to foster and protect your property’s brand image is the way to stay ahead.

Ensure that you know what is being said about you online with the innovative tools of Apartment Guide’s Reputation Monitor.



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