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As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’ll surely hear more contempt for the day – how it’s overly commercialized and actually has nothing to do with love. Scorned hearts will go on and on about how it's really all about raking in more money for major corporations. Some even refer to it as the ultimate "Hallmark Holiday." Perhaps they’re just bitter because they won't be receiving a giant teddy bear and a generic card filled with outsourced emotions.


Nope. Sappy love songs, heart-shaped chocolates and overpriced grocery store roses will not sweep them off their feet this year.

But when cupid's got a hold on you, there’s no better time to show your affection than on Valentine’s Day. Getting quality time in with your better half is a must. But how do you approach the most romantic day of the year when your super single roommate thinks that cupid is stupid?

If kicking your roommate out for Valentine’s Day seems harsh, you’d actually be doing them a favor. Seriously, who wants to witness you and your companion cooing and cuddling all night long? Besides, a third wheel on Valentine’s Day is actually kind of creepy. To get your roommate out of your private love bubble for a few hours, a good old fashioned bribe might be warranted. Here's how to get your roomie out of the way to gain you and that special someone a few hours of alone time on February 14th.

  1. Send them to the cinema. There’s tons of great flicks to see right now, especially before the Oscars air in a couple weeks. Buy your bunkmate a movie theater gift card, or better yet, get a movie ticket or two for the specific time frame you need him or her gone.
  2. Force a movie night at home. So maybe sending your roommate to the movies isn't in your budget. That's okay. A good TV binging session will suffice. Load up your Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime account with a playlist of movies or TV shows that your roommate has been dying to catch up on. Tip: Unless you’re cool with being labeled the “worst roommate ever”, avoid traditional chick flicks such as “The Notebook” and “Love Actually.”
  3. Send them to their room. Well, with snacks, of course. Politely ask your roommate to stay in their room for the duration of the evening. Make a deal to do the dishes for a week, or foot the bill for groceries. Another idea is to make a yummy goody basket for your roommate, but skip the Valentine’s Day candy. If your roomie is of age, top the basket off with wine. Lots of wine.
  4. Encourage fun and games. Is your grown roommate still obsessed with youthful games? Hey, we're not judging. From PlayStation and XBox to the iPad, treat your roomie to some new games to pass the night away. Trust us: if it’s more addicting than Candy Crush, you may not see your roommate for the next two weeks. But surely you’ll check in when the rent is due, no?
  5. Make arrangements for a special "Singles Awareness" night. This isn't for you of course – you're already lucky in love. But does your friend circle consist of few lonely hearts? Take the time to plan a simple singles night out for them. It could be as simple as having them gather with a few board games and pizza down in your community clubhouse. If you’re planning a special night with your significant other, good friends will understand and play along… hopefully.

We want to hear your ideas: How do you politely ask your roommate to give you and your companion some space on V-Day?

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