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One of the reasons you picked your apartment was the complex’s community pool, and now that it’s almost summer, you can finally use it. But a day of relaxation at the pool can often come with the headaches of too many guests, obnoxious music and screaming children. Practice and preach the following apartment pool etiquette to make you and your fellow residents’ summer pool experience enjoyable.

Limit your guests. Feel free to invite friends to your apartment pool, but be respectful of other residents and refrain from inviting your entire family or kickball team. Three to four guests should be a general limit. If you decide you’d like to invite more people and throw a private party, talk to your complex’s office. Many will allow you to rent the area for an afternoon or evening.

Also, make sure your guests are aware of any community rules and respect the other residents as you would. Do not allow them to be overly loud or obnoxious, and don’t let them visit the pool without you.

Pay attention to your kids/pets. Children (of the human and pet variety) light up our lives, but they can often ignite disturbances in pool areas. Make sure your kids know the pool rules – generally, no running, diving, jumping or splashing other guests – and keep your eyes on them. They shouldn’t scream or throw things either. If dogs are allowed on the pool deck, keep yours tied to your lounge chair or table, and do not allow him or her in the water.

Seek Out Community in Your Own Apartment Neighborhood

Know your noise. Most people enjoy listening to music while laying out and/or swimming. However, remember that residents who live around the pool may not be as enthralled in your musical taste, so keep the volume at a reasonable level.

No glass. A trip to the pool isn’t usually complete without the presence of your favorite adult beverage, but be sure not to bring any glass containers to the pool area. Broken glass and bare feet are a dangerous combination, so only bring cans, or transfer your drinks to plastic cups before going to the pool.

How to Hang Out in Your Apartment Community

Clean up. Few complexes have lifeguards or official pool monitors, so it is your responsibility to clean up your own trash and keep the pool and deck pleasant. Dispose of beer and soda cans, food and food containers and any other left-behind items. Also, straighten or replace any pool furniture you have used.

Spa Life in Your Apartment Community

Dress appropriately. By all means, show off that bikini body you’ve spent the last nine months working on, but save the G-strings and speedos for your private pool.

Lastly, respect general hygiene concerns and relieve yourself in designated bathroom facilities. No one wants to swim in that.




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