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Let your voice be heard! Share a constructive review about living in your apartment community from your unique perspective.

If you were asked, would you post a review of your apartment living experience online?

Apartment reviews are important both for other apartment hunters and your apartment community’s staff. What would you like to share about apartment life in your community?

Consider these tips on how and where to compose constructive apartment living feedback.

Who reads online apartment reviews?
If you think no one pays attention to apartment reviews, think again. Internet research shows that there are plenty of people paying close attention to online comments about apartment reviews. These folks can benefit from your thoughts, as well, if you share them.

When it comes to your fellow renters, 50 percent of apartment hunters say that they utilize online feedback to research apartment communities before choosing a place to live. These apartment hunters check sites like Facebook, Craigslist, and Yelp, looking for information and opinions about apartment communities. Two popular apartment review sites are and A more recent entrant to the field is

While it’s obvious how writing a review of your apartment might benefit other renters, you might not realize that writing a review can indirectly help you, as well. What you may not know is that many apartment communities rely on residents’ online reviews as a kind of market research. Property management professionals are constantly monitoring apartment review sites to hear firsthand how their residents feel about their experience. After all, they’ve got a vested interest in your satisfaction, and seeing your comments helps them understand what matters most to you.

If you post a review — whether positive or negative — property management may make changes or improvements based on your feedback. They might also reach out to you for clarification and could potentially help you resolve an issue you’ve been unhappy with.

But in order to be effective, apartment reviews need to be constructive. That’s why it’s important to know how to write a review that’s well-composed.

Tips for writing apartment reviews
The way you present your feedback can help make the most of an apartment review. Whether you need to share praise or a complaint about your living experience, it’s important to focus on constructive apartment feedback.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

Be specific. When you’re writing about your apartment living experience, the more specific you can be, the better. If you’ve had a positive experience with the way that your apartment manager responds to maintenance requests, cite a specific example. If you particularly enjoy a certain member of the office staff, mention that person’s name and give them some kudos. Likewise, if you’ve had a negative experience, give specific — and fair — details about that situation, too. (Avoid making defamatory statements about specific individuals, however.) The more you can support your opinion with facts, the more helpful your review will be to readers.

Offer solutions. Have a gripe about apartment life? That’s fine, but don’t resort to an endless list of complaints in an apartment review. It may make you feel good to vent, but your opinion will go farther if you offer up a potential solution to the issue you are dissatisfied with, as well.

Discuss important aspects of apartment life. You might want to split your review into sections in order to cover all the bases. You might use a paragraph or bullet point to discuss each of the following: apartment management/staff, apartment grounds, community amenities, interior features of your unit, the neighborhood and the rental price value.

Check your grammar. In online reviews, grammar counts. The more care you take to craft complete sentences that are free of misspellings and other grammatical errors, the more credible your opinion will appear.

Now that you know how important apartment reviews can be, let your voice be heard! Share your living experience to help potential neighbors make an informed decision. You may bring grateful friends into your apartment community with your post.

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