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Two dogs playing
Two dogs playing
A few companies in Columbus believe bringing pets to work enhances team spirit.

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It’s 8 a.m., and you’re starting to walk out the door when you begin to hear a whimper. Your dog is standing behind you with a sad look in his eyes. All he wants to do is to go with you for the day. Many employers in the Columbus area won’t let bring your dog to work, but both you and your pet reap the benefits from Fido’s tagging along with you.

In a high-performance or high-stress environment, dogs and other pets can spread smiles. Additionally, they can ease tension that is often found in the workplace and increase job performance. It is believed that bringing your pet to work with you allows you to be a part of a more creative environment. It decreases absenteeism, and it assists coworkers to communicate with one another and get along better.

The University of Buffalo performed a study that found having a dog or cat as a companion helped cardiovascular measures remain more stable during stressful situations. During a time of mental and physical stress, a loved pet can exert a calming influence on blood pressure and heart rate.

Remember that not all offices are suitable for pets, and vice versa. A dog that barks all day may have the opposite effects on the workplace – causing stress, high blood pressure and tension. Additionally, a work environment such as a china shop may not be ideal for high-energy pets. Make sure your pet can easily access the outdoors for a bathroom break.

Here are a few examples of pet-friendly work environments in Columbus.

RMD Advertising
The bowl at the reception desk of this Columbus advertising firm does not have candy. In fact, it holds dog treats for Boone, the border collie who has been with the company for almost 10 years. Boone, whose title is director of stress management, is a part of staff meetings, and she helps ease the tension during those meetings.

Jellybean Junction
Just outside of Columbus in Dublin, Jellybean Junction Learning Centers focus their business around their pets. The family-owned business brings their Rottweiler or shepherd mix because they know it makes everyone happy to have the dogs around.

Color Design Innovations
This small graphics company will often have five dogs roaming the office. The dogs are great officemates and help ease the tension of the fast-moving work environment. However, the biggest fans of these four-legged friends are the company’s clients. The clients try to come in as much as possible to spend time with the dogs, which attracts more business.




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