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Perfect Home Bar Cart

Whether you are hosting a relaxed dinner party, a festive cocktail party or just a romantic dinner for two a bar cart is an essential entertaining tool. Offering both function and style, a bar cart is a chic addition to any home, but especially if you live in a smaller abode. This multi-functional furnishing provides compact storage for your home bar as well as a stylish drink station for gatherings.

Make Your Bar Cart an Apartment Essential

It can be a challenge to find the perfect bar cart that matches your style and budget. Shop thrift and antique stores and don’t be afraid of a little DIY. The chic rattan cart pictured below was a $30 vintage find that got jazzed up with a few coats of navy spray paint. Color can totally transform a drab piece with minimal effort and expense.

When it comes to styling your bar cart consider function and aesthetics. You want to achieve a certain look but not at the expense of practicality — you want the cart to function as a serving piece not just look pretty. Bar ware essentials include: a cocktail shaker and pretty glass ware, bar tools, stirrers, cocktail napkins, and straws. Depending on your cart’s size you may also want to add an ice bucket, cocktail pitcher, whimsical art, and quirky decor.

Next stock your bar cart with libations. Liquor basics, gin, vodka, and whiskey are a must, but depending on your tastes you might also want to keep rum, tequila, and wine on hand as well as a bottle of bubbly. Don’t forget about the mixers and garnishes: bitters, citrus, simple syrup, club soda, and sour mix.


5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Bar Cart:

    1. Make clean up easy and protect the surface of your bar cart by adding an easily wiped glass or melamine tray on the top shelf to mix drinks on.
    2. Stock stemware ID tags to avoid guests mixing up their drinks.
    3. Decorate with functional accessories like these brass pineapples which add a fun quirky element but also double as catchalls and serving ware.
    4. Keep a cocktail recipe guide for an inspirational resource.
    5. Add something living to your bar cart whether it is fresh flowers or a lovely potted plant.


A Stylish Bar Cart

What to Serve

What do you actually need for your brand new bar? There is a wide world of options to choose from, and you can make it as easy or complex as you want. Check out the resources below for some inspiration on where to take your new bar cart experience.

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