Named after an American Indian Tribe, Omaha means "those going against the wind or current." Today, the city is home to an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, and bohemian gathering spots. As its name implies, much of Omaha is anything…

day trips from atlanta

Atlanta was founded as a hub of transportation. Railroads linked Atlanta to the port city of Savannah, and helped distribute goods to Chattanooga and points west. Today, Atlanta’s relatively central location within the state provides easy access for travelers or…

Eco friendly businessman

Did you know that green buildings typically reduce 24 to 50 percent of their energy use, 40 percent of their water use, and reduce solid waste production by 70 percent compared to conventional buildings? The 2011 Green Business Challenge – the first program of its kind on the West Coast – was created to help tenants in the Port of San Diego reduce their environmental impact in the areas of energy, water, waste, air, sustainable business practices and sustainable development. Participating businesses ranged from large industrial and maritime tenants to hotels, restaurants and small businesses.


apartment search tips
Understanding the way you make decisions might help you with your apartment search. Does one of these personality types sound like yours?
We know how our personality type affects the way we interact with others and with the world at large. Have you ever considered how your unique personality traits might also affect the way you search for an apartment? Understanding the way you make decisions just might help you conduct a better, more efficient, even more enjoyable apartment search. Does one of these personality types sound like yours?

recycling tips for newbies

Recycling Tips for Newbies

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Did you know that kitty litter and egg cartons can be recycled into paper? Or how about old trophies, motor oil and cell phones can be recycled with your newspapers, plastic bottles and soda cans? Whether you’re new to recycling or know the difference between No. 1 and No. 6 plastics, this useful guide is a helpful list of recycling tips that'll get you going green in no time!

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entertainment venues in phoenix

entertainment venues in phoenix
Phoenix is full of places to hear good music.
Need to get your music fix in Phoenix?  Whether you're in the mood to see one of the biggest pop stars on the planet or the most underground of devastatingly hip indie bands, there's an entertainment venue in Phoenix to suit your musical tastes. Small venues If it's up-and-coming acts you want, Phoenix offers plenty of intimate, out-of-the-way places to see blues greats, the latest indie band or an electronic superstar.