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Revamp Your Apartment This Spring
Durham Park Townhomes in Pooler, GA
Take a look around your apartment. Is it ready for a décor revamp? Spring is right around the corner, and this is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your space and give it an updated look. This year, new trends are popping up, including incorporating Pantone’s bold color of the year, as well as an emphasis on art. If you’re looking to step outside of the box and be daring in your décor, 2013’s your year. Read on to learn how to incorporate 2013’s décor trends into your apartment.

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Apex Apartments in Los Angeles, CA
Apex Apartments in Los Angeles, CA
With post-holiday season sales (and the Super Bowl) on the horizon, now is a great time to consider purchasing a new TV! Whether you find a deal online, or receive one as a holiday gift, you’ll want to unpack and start watching your new television as soon as possible. Not only do flat panel televisions look great, their thin profiles make them relatively easy to mount on a wall. Hanging your TV will save space and keep it well out of a baby or toddler’s reach in case you need to baby-proof your entertainment area. Here are a few tips to properly hang your new TV in your apartment and hide those pesky wires.


Moving costs can throw a wrench in your budget if you don’t know what to expect. Luckily, there are straightforward ways to estimate how much it’s going to cost you to pack up and move out. Learn how to consider moving costs in a few different ways with these tips.


As the New Year is just beginning, it’s the perfect time to think about budgets, saving and taxes. But tightening up the purse strings doesn’t have to mean the end of fun. Birthday parties, dinner parties and showers are great ways to get a group of friends together and socialize in your apartment, but hosting a party can also be costly. Here are our tips on how to throw a great party without spending a lot of money to do so.

If you're in the market for new furniture in Tacoma, you're in luck. Check out our suggestions to find nice, cheap furniture.

From vintage to modern, and from neutral to bold colors, Tacoma’s furniture stores offer a wide selection of furniture, rugs and accessories, as well as some of the most knowledgeable salespeople around. Whether you’re getting settled in your new Tacoma…

The Shoreland Apartments in Chicago, IL

We all need a place where we can create a side business or work on a hobby, especially if that side job or hobby is rather complex. But with a little hard work and ingenuity, you can easily turn a bedroom in your apartment into a studio for your music, art or anything else. Here's how.

When looking for an apartment, know the types of services you would like located nearby.

As you search for an apartment community, remember to keep neighborhood conveniences in mind. You will likely factor available services into your final decision. Here are some ways to find an apartment community located near the conveniences you value.


Apartment living often gets a bad rap. We’re taking a look at some common objections to apartment life that may actually be advantages, depending on how you look at them! If thoughts about living in an apartment leave you perplexed,…

Travelers to certain parts of Maine can experience culture with a unique French influence.

Are you a lover of French culture? The beautiful language, gourmet food and artistic contributions of the French can be found in many pockets of the United States including Aroostook County and the St. John Valley in Northern Maine. Travelers…