Learn how to be a good house guest and you'll be invited back over and over.

There’s an old saying about both fish and house guests smelling after three days, so take that as a warning to not overstay your welcome at a friend or family member’s home. Instead, arrange before you visit how long you will be there, making sure it’s no longer than two days. If you need to stay somewhere longer, offer to go to a nearby hotel for part of the trip. It may not be the most economical solution, but it will ensure you and the host remain friends after the visit. After you’ve scheduled your visit, follow even one of the tips below, and you’ll always be the guest invited to come back and stay awhile.

Seattle is surrounded by water, so it makes sense that fishing is hugely popular there.

Fishing can be a relaxing hobby for just about anyone. Whether you’re knee-deep in a river or on a boat somewhere in the ocean, getting a bite is rewarding. Even if you don’t get a fish, being able to bait your rod while enjoying the company of a few friends is one of the best parts of the experience. And if you’re a resident of one of the Seattle neighborhoods, you’re in luck. The Pacific Northwest is home to great fishing and lots of beautiful fish.

If you need a good workout, Seattle has plenty of gyms that'll meet your fitness needs.

Working out and sweltering summer heat don’t mix. In some places, you may need a glass of water just for walking from your car to your apartment front door, much less after running miles in sauna-like humidity. If the July heat wave in Seattle has you wanting to hibernate early, you can still burn calories comfortably (relatively speaking, at least) inside the four walls of the best gyms the city has to offer. Cool off by swimming laps in the pool, sipping a fresh-fruit smoothie or by sweating it out in air-conditioned cardio heaven at the following places.


Tucson is Arizona’s second-largest city, which means you may not ever get the chance to see and experience everything it has to offer. From museums to mountains, and from fine dining to great shopping, this Southwestern town is rich in history and culture. Whether you’re just driving through or want to learn more about a town dubbed Old Pueblo, here is a guide to get in as much of Tucson as possible in 24 hours. Morning: Breakfast and a Museum

The Circle at Hermann Park Apartments in Houston, TX

Decorating can be difficult. If you haven’t done any kind of decorating before in your apartment, you might not know where to begin. Sifting through piles of paint chips, fabric swatches and décor magazines can become overwhelming, and you might find that decorating on a budget is almost impossible. If you’re having trouble coming up with any kind of motivation, simply take a look around you. With a little imagination and creativity, you can find décor inspiration in the most unexpected places.