Most of us want to make our living spaces inviting and comfortable, but what exactly does it mean to make a room warm? If you’re not quite sure, we’re here to help. By making a few adjustments to a room’s color scheme, lighting, furniture arrangement and decorative accessories, you can change the mood and atmosphere of the room completely. [find-an-apartment] Here are some tips to make your apartment feel warm and cozy.


As the days become shorter and nights grow longer, you may yearn for more sunshine in your apartment. Though you can’t control the weather, you can add happiness and warmth to your space by channeling all things feel-good and smile-inducing. Ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder before it begins by adding a few of the cheery objects or actions below into your home.

[find-an-apartment] As a new parent, you know how fast your baby grows. Just when you get used to your baby’s feeding schedule and diaper changes, you realize you need to accommodate his or her ever-changing routine. As your baby grows older, take some precautions to make your apartment safe and secure for crawlers and toddlers.  Here is how you can baby-proof your apartment as your growing baby explores the world around him or her.

[find-an-apartment] In the event of a disaster or other unforeseen event, having an up-to-date inventory of the contents of your apartment is key to making an insurance claim. It is this inventory which will help establish the replacement value of your possessions. Your renter’s insurance policy may require a listing and valuation, as well, when you sign up. The list should also bring some peace of mind as a record of your most valuable things. What do you need to list? How do you get a handle on a big inventory list? One approach is to start with large items and move progressively smaller. You might also compile your list room by room.

summer recipes

Eating light: it’s something we talk about year ‘round, but summer temperatures make it easier. Heat makes comfort food less comfortable. It’s never to late to add a few easy summer recipes to your culinary repertoire.

moving up north

You’re planning on living up north. How do you get ready? What should you expect? What do you need to know? ApartmentGuide shares everything you need, to prepare for your new northern adventure!

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