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Ever wondered who your neighbors were? Looking for a lost pet? Maybe you just want to find a babysitter for Saturday night. While asking for recommendations on Facebook is one way to handle that, you may not live near most of your friends. That’s where Nextdoor comes in: this handy app not only helps you connect with your neighbors on a community level, but lets you reach out to people who live near your home.

Nextdoor App? What’s That?

Nextdoor was created in 2010 as a social network for neighbors. The idea was to connect neighbors and neighborhoods, thus drawing people together, as resources for each other.

Near You

How Do I Get On Nextdoor?

In order to register with Nextdoor, you have to provide your real name and verify your home address. Verification methods can include a credit card, or confirming a code that’s either mailed or phone to the new user.

Once verified, you can post messages to neighbors in your community, as well as nearby apartment communities. You can also reply to other messages. Can’t find anyone you know on the app? It even provides you the ability to send postcards to non-registered neighbors to get them on board.

What Can I Use Nextdoor For?

  • Lost Pets: Let’s face it — pets get out and it’s tough to track them down. Nextdoor can help you to alert your neighbors to keep an eye out.
  • Items to Sell: That horrible chest of drawers you’ve been dying to get rid of may just be someone else’s treasure. Try advertising your unwanted stuff on Nextdoor and make some extra cash.
  • Recommendations: Need a cleaner? How about a babysitter for that date on Friday night? Your neighbors in the know can help you find a reliable source.
  • Questions: Unsure and new to the area? Ask your neighbors to let you know the best commute route to downtown, or about that free shuttle bus nobody told you about.
  • Crimewatch: Many police departments are posting local crime tips on Nextdoor. Neighbors also tend to report suspicious activity. Take a look to be aware of what’s going on.

If you’re a bit too shy to go and introduce yourself to your neighbors, the Nextdoor app can be a great way to engage with your community. Try planning a pool party or potluck, or simply as where the best dry cleaner in the area is. This handy app can make sure you stay connected.

Are you friendly with your neighbors or are you just on a “nodding acquaintance” basis? Is getting to know your neighbors worthwhile? Let us know on social today!




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