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Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio 2

If you're about to begin searching for apartments in Columbus, Ohio, consider yourself lucky to be moving to such a cool and diverse city. The state capital has a centuries-long history and is known as one of the fastest-growing leaders in the tech industry (watch out San Francisco!).

Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio

Columbus has also received acclaim for being a hot destination for businesses and young professionals, and on top of that, has some amazing opportunities for entertainment, dining and shopping. Plus, the city is beautiful, with tons of parks and a convergence of rivers that makes for some scenic areas.

Columbus, Ohio, is also well-known for its several and varied neighborhoods that make up the town. Some are more on the quiet and residential side, while others are a hot spot for activity and nightlife, but all of them are great places to live. So, if you're looking for apartments in Columbus Ohio, take a look at this neighborhood guide to help you get started:

University District

University District isn't just a single neighborhood– it's actually a group of 13 smaller areas that surround Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!). As you can imagine, the northerly district's proximity to Ohio State gives it an eclectic college vibe.

Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio - University District

And while every neighborhood within the area has its own charms, the district as a whole has tons of recreation opportunities and, in fact, is the most populated area of Columbus.

Franklin Park

Anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy the Franklin Park neighborhood, which contains Columbus' largest outdoor recreation area.

Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio - Franklin Park

The 100-acre park is a hub for hiking, picnicking and just enjoying Columbus' nice weather– and the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are open year-round for visitors.


Downtown Columbus, and its neighboring area of Franklinton, is steeped in the city's history and has tons of attractions and entertainment opportunities. The Columbus Commons is 7 acres of land located in the middle of the neighborhood with a pavilion for outdoor performances, several cafes, gardens, a carousel, an outdoor chess set and some other amazing features perfect for spending time outdoors during spring and summer.

Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio - Downtown

Downtown also has some amazing dining and shopping (check out the Pearl Market for locally grown produce and homemade art). It's one of the most popular neighborhoods for the younger crowd, due to its nightlife scene and other fun entertainment options.

Short North

Another cool historical neighborhood, Short North has emerged as one of Columbus' leading arts districts. The neighborhood has an intriguing history that includes everything from the rise and fall of Columbus' Union Station to a touching Civil War reunion. Plus, the city's historical arches (Columbus used to be referred to as "arch city") are located there.

Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio - Short North

Now its full of galleries, boutiques and restaurants, and it's even home to festivals and monthly "Gallery Hops" during which visitors can see several galleries in the area on the first Saturday of each month.

Brewery District

The Brewery District has made a name for itself as one of the hottest spots for nightlife and young professionals in the city of Columbus.

Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio - Brewery District

It's bars, breweries and venues make it a fun place to spend an evening, and renovations are turning it into a real up-and-coming neighborhood to live in.

German Village

German Village is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio, and it borders the city's downtown and Brewery District. The walkable area boasts 17th-century architecture, quaint brick sidewalks and a strong community vibe that separates it from Downtown Columbus.

Neighborhoods and Apartments in Columbus Ohio - German Village

Peruse the neighborhood's streets and you'll find some of Columbus' best authentic restaurants along with some cool locally owned shops and galleries.



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