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Gen Y apartment

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We all have a list of what we look for to find the “perfect” apartment. From a gated community to one with a pool, and from the neighborhood to the distance to work, we all have some idea of what we’re looking for.

Generation Y is no exception. They judge an apartment on more than what’s inside of it; they check out the social environment, entryways and community decor, as well as the amenities of the community. If you’re looking to market your community to the 80 million young adults who are entering the apartment rental market, consider the must-haves for the perfect Gen Y apartment.

Gen Y isn’t so different from other generations. Chances are, they’re looking for as much luxury as they can afford. (Who isn’t?) Location is very important, as are niche amenities like dog parks. They want to stay fit — on-site gyms and other fitness amenities are important. And most importantly, they want to be safe.

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