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For apartments with limited space and maximum potential, consider purchasing multipurpose furniture pieces. These items double as something else (often storage) and pack a one-two punch when it comes to decorating your space. And these simple items aren't hard to find, if you look hard enough.

Chest of drawers: The obvious place for this to go is in the bedroom. But place it near the front door for a different purpose. Place dirty, wet or muddy shoes here. The top of the dresser is also perfect for placing keys, sunglasses, cell phones, wallets and the like.

Bookshelves: Again, the use is obvious here. But think outside the box. Instead of just books, shelves are perfect for souvenirs, framed family photos and other knick knacks that you aren't quite sure where else to place.

Beds: If you are in dire need of extra storage space, don't opt for the typical bed with a standard frame. Many beds come with drawers on the bottom so that you don't waste an inch of under-bed storage space.

Coffee tables and ottomans: With a top that lifts or slides open, the coffee table or ottoman can be a lot more than a surface to sit your drink. Now you finally have somewhere to put that remote control that's always getting lost!

What's your favorite storage item in your apartment?




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Apartment Guide Editorial Team

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