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Whether you’re planning to rent a storage unit or will be using portable storage, packing your stuff properly for storing will help ensure that nothing gets damaged. Read on for what to keep in mind as you’re packing your belongings for storage.

Create a manifest
Before you place a single thing into storage, make a detailed list of the contents of each box, and keep this list in an easy-to-remember place. The list will remind you exactly which of your possessions you have stored away. Stack the boxes in your storage unit in the order that matches your inventory list. Plan to leave boxes that you may need to get to easily accessible in front.

Make a stable stack
Whether your things will be on the road in a portable storage unit or will be packed in a  storage facility, work to create the most secure stacks you can. Start by using boxes of uniform size for stability. Pack heavy ones on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Make sure that each box is filled to the top, even if just with packing paper; full boxes will hold up better to the weight of boxes placed on top of them.

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Allow for humidity
If you are storing metal objects, treat them with a rust protector before placing in your unit. If you will be storing items in a humid climate, stack boxes on pallets or plastic sheeting, and allow for space between furniture pieces so that air can circulate to prevent wood warping and mildew. Wrap furniture in blankets to keep the dust off — not in plastic, which will keep humidity in.

Security concerns
Storage facilities will likely have security, but you never want to assume that your stuff is burglar-safe. You can at least slow down a thief by stacking your most valuable items in the very back of the unit. Invest in a high-quality padlock.

Moving your stuff into storage is a chore, but don’t take shortcuts on the packing job you perform. While your belongings stay in storage, help make sure they are preserved by following these steps.

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