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Getting ready to move? We bet you have a mile-long to-do list. Prioritize a moving inventory list as one of your top five tasks to accomplish before you start packing.

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It may be tempting to ignore this advice and skip a moving inventory altogether, but this is a huge mistake.  You need an accurate inventory of all the possessions you are moving as well as condition notes about valuable items and where things are packed. Here are the 3 most important reasons you need a moving inventory list:

1. Packing

Make packing more efficient with a moving inventory. We know it sounds like a tedious task, but actually going room by room and assessing your possessions as you make your inventory list will help you get organized and see what you don’t want to move.  You will likely come across a variety of items that should be donated, trashed, or sold in a moving sale. You can also start sorting like items for more efficient packing.

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2. Insurance

Arriving at your new home to discover your prized possessions are lost or damaged is a terrible feeling.  Chances are to replace stolen or damaged goods your insurance and movers will require a moving inventory.  If you are prepared with a detailed moving inventory list, the hassle of filing a claim will be so much easier and you will improve the likelihood of having a claim approved.

Be sure to check with your insurance company and movers to see what information they require in your inventory list.  It could be as simple as a short description or involve photos of valuable items.  Noting the price you paid for each item is also a good idea.

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3.  Unpacking

Take the stress out of un-packing at your new home with a moving inventory.  Instead of staring at a mountain of boxes with no idea where to begin use your inventory to note priority boxes that need to be un-packed first.  As movers bring these boxes in, set them aside, so they won’t be lost in the fray.  These priority boxes should contain high dollar items, fragile possessions, and even utilitarian items like bed sheets that you will need your first night in your new place.

It is also a good idea to check off boxes as they are brought in that way you will know before the movers leave if something is missing.  A moving inventory list can also help you identify which boxes go in which room, so you can start organizing your new space right away.  You can color code boxes with colored tape for quick identification.

Be proactive and create a moving inventory list before you start packing! We know this list will help make your transition easier and more efficient.  Plus you will feel more confident about your move and the chore of un-packing.

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