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When a couple decides to share a living space, it can be a fun, exciting time. It also means big changes for both of you. But don’t worry. This helpful checklist will guide you through the process of moving in together without making each other crazy.

Lay some ground rules. Does the starting sheet on the toilet paper roll go on the top or on the bottom? Does the toilet seat stay up or down? Who does the dishes and who takes out the trash? Deciding who will do which chores now will save you a lot of hurt feelings and nights on the couch later.

Money, money, money. If you're going to combine your bank accounts, you'll need to settle who will pay the bills. If you're keeping everything separate, you'll still need to decide who will pay the cable, who will pay the electricity, etc. Do this now so there aren't any misunderstandings or cancellation notices in your future.

Redecorate together. Guys, that inflatable chair and milk crate ensemble might have been great for the dorm room, but you're a grown-up now. Let it go. Ladies, no pink, flower prints or stuffed animals on the bed. If you have the means, buy your living room suite and other furniture together, picking out things you both like that will go well with your new abode.

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If you have the space, designate one room of the house or apartment as a place where your girl or guy can do whatever they wish, and you don't have to see their collection of unicorns, neon beer signs or Pez dispensers.

Living together takes commitment and a lot of work. But if you follow these guidelines, you'll have a less stressful transition and can enjoy this time in your lives




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