A San Francisco move has its ups and downs – literally!
A San Francisco move has its ups and downs – on Lombard Street, literally!

Making a move to the City by the Bay?

Moving in San Francisco offers its own unique challenges.

This 49-square-mile metropolis boasts more than 50 hills within the city limits, including the famous Lombard Street, with eight hairpin turns climbing a steep terrace. While the city’s famous cable cars boldly scale streets like these without a problem, you may not find it quite that easy to move your things in and around this picturesque city.

Hiring movers
San Francisco moving takes special skills to traverse the hilly terrain and navigate the city’s neighborhoods. You definitely want to make sure you choose a reputable company that is insured and knows the city well. Also, because finding the perfect apartment in San Francisco can take some time, you might want to choose a moving company that offers storage options.

Here are a few highly-rated San Francisco movers that have received complimentary reviews on Yelp:

Settling in
The final frontier for a San Francisco move is getting your utilities and other necessities set up. Check out these links for a few of the essentials you’ll need to get settled in:

Feeling at home
Some other ups and downs for residents of San Francisco are its high rents and low temps.

Living in San Francisco is typically expensive. On average, renters spend a higher proportion of their paychecks to rent an apartment than in many other cities. You’ve heard it’s easy to leave your heart in San Francisco: it’s likely you’ll leave your wallet there, too!

If you enjoy a cool climate paired with a mysterious, romantic fog, you’ll feel at home here. This chilly city averages 28 days a year where temperatures exceed 75 degrees. With mild temperatures and quick weather changes, locals advise newcomers to get rid of their heavy winter coats and invest in layered clothing.

Any good San Francisco guide will point out the highlights of this vibrant place. Beautiful spots like the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Alamo Square provide a backdrop for living in this city, setting a scene that is recognized worldwide. And San Francisco’s many unique neighborhoods make this city a fascinating place to explore.

Fans of culture get their fill at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Ballet or the downtown art galleries. Sports fans have plenty of picks, too, as San Francisco is home to the 49ers NFL team and the Giants major league baseball club.

San Francisco is a cool place to put down roots. Have fun getting to know your new — and historic — home!

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