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We asked for some of your most horrific moving stories and you came through. We’ve picked our favorite for this round, but we’d love to hear more. If you have a moving horror story that you’d like to share, get social with us on Facebook or Twitter. You might just make our next round!

Moving Truck vs. Apartment Building

“I was living in an economy apartment near a small college. I rented a huge moving truck so that I could get all my stuff in one trip. I backed up a bit too much and hit the building. The entire apartment was moved nearly a foot off the foundation. I didn’t bother asking for my security deposit back.”

The Dead Parrot

“My friend was working as a mover in Boston. He and the occupant went into the bedroom and started moving the bed. When they lifted up the box spring to bring it to the truck, there was a dead parrot underneath the bed. No one said anything about it. When he got back it had mysteriously disappeared.”

A Friendly Chat with the Landlord

“Our landlord came over for a chat about what turned out to be bogus complaints from the neighbors. It got a little heated, and my roommate’s psycho dog went for him and bit his hand. The landlord left muttering about having the dog put down. I came home from work the next day to find all of our belongings on the sidewalk and the house had been bulldozed to the ground.”

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The Cat Litter Disaster

“When I moved out of my last apartment, the very last thing I moved were my two cats and their litterbox. I manage to get the cats into the car, but when I go to grab the litterbox, a freak heavy rainstorm erupted out of nowhere. By the time I got the litterbox to the car, things had devolved into what I lovingly call "litter soup.” It was BEYOND nasty. I decided on the spot to just wheel around to the dumpster and heave the whole thing in.

So instead of driving to my new apartment, I made a detour to the store to buy a new litterbox. The store I was going to was at the bottom of a big hill. I went zooming down the hill, realizing too late that the bottom of the hill was COMPLETELY flooded because of this freak storm. And my car dies completely. My cats are SCREECHING, I'm covered in the remains of the litter soup, and I'm now outside the car, knee-deep in water, trying to push my car into the parking lot. By the time I got to the store, I was a drowned smelly rat.

I walked in the door, and the cashier said, "Welcome to Kmart… can I…?" and I just said, "LITTER. NOW."  I got myself, the cats and the new litterbox to my new place, but my clothes were so wet they were entirely unwearable, the whole car smelled like cat pee, and my cats had meowed so hard they were both hoarse and sounded like chain-smoking Brenda Vaccaro cats. It was pretty rough.”

The Dreaded Black Ice

“Wanting to get an early start, we hit the road on a November morning before dawn on I-80 through Nebraska. We were in a rental truck with our care on a tow hitch. After about a half an hour, we hit a patch of black ice and did a complete 180 degree spin before coming to a stop in the center median. Luckily, we stayed upright the entire time. No real damage and nobody was hurt, but it was pretty freaking scary.”

More Cat Fun

“We were starting our move to Arkansas and the movers kicked up a lot of dust and cat dander in our old apartment. This led to me having an asthma attack, which I didn't realize was really bad until the next morning when I had to take a breath between words. I ended up in the ER the day we were to drive halfway there. Monitors, oxygen, the whole thing.”

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The Jackknife Disaster

“I was moving apartments from Seattle to Detroit, towing one car behind my hired moving truck. We got turned around on the rutted dirt roads outside of Cheyenne and jack-knifed the entire combination outside a storage place next to our hotel, at 2am. We found the local sheriff climbing over the rig the next morning.”

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We want to hear your moving horror stories! Get social with us and we’ll feature our favorites in Volume 2!



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