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Have you ever thought that moving to a new environment just might create a “new you,” an instant, magical reinvention of yourself? It’s a compelling fantasy, but the saying remains true: wherever you go, there you are.

If you find yourself living in a new place, you likely still join your new community with the same behaviors and habits that make you unique. And while a move can be truly challenging socially and otherwise, a physical move also provides a moment of opportunity to make changes you think might benefit your life.

Psychology of place
Your environment has a powerful effect on your well-being and mental health. If you are working on self-improvement, a move can provide a change of venue and, likely, a window of time when you may feel ready for change.

You might still struggle with routines the same way you have in the past, however. While moving to a new city or apartment physically puts you in a new place, this doesn’t automatically mean that you will approach life situations any differently. Old habits die hard, after all!

Your personal psychology
If you have undertaken a move because you wanted to shake up your life, it may well be that this motivation you feel will help bring about that change for you, rather than the move itself.

Take some time to consider how your personality fits in with your environment. For instance, if you’ve ever taken a personality test, you know that traits like introversion or being people-oriented can affect how you feel and how you interact with others.

If you’re an extrovert, you try to make friends quickly and look for social groups to satisfy your need for interaction. On the flip side, introverts who are living in a new community might need to plan for more alone time to counteract the stress of meeting new people.

Insights like these might help you make and better understand personal changes.

Get psyched about something new
Living in a place where you feel more at home can make developing positive habits easier for you. Even if you have moved to a new environment that isn’t your ideal, you can bring an upbeat outlook or your fierce determination to any place you land. Feeling confident about who you are and getting excited about new opportunities is the name of the game!

Don’t be surprised if the initial excitement of a move does not last for you, emotionally. While you can’t expect your life to change after a move, with a little determination and understanding, you can move forward toward a new “you” in your new home.

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