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boxes inside a moving cube

Moving cubes are a fairly new addition to the consumer storage and moving marketplace. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re essentially portable storage units that can be kept on site at both your old or new home. In a lot of ways, they make moving a lot easier. But, what benefits specifically do moving cubes offer?

Loading and unloading is a breeze

If you’ve ever found yourself underneath a 300-pound piece of furniture wheeling it on a dolly down a seemingly inches-wide steel ramp, then you probably aren’t a fan of the moving truck-moving method. Moving cubes eliminate that whole process making loading and unloading your goods so much easier.

Moving cubes are steel storage boxes that sit on the ground in front of your home or apartment, so you can wheel your boxes and heavy furniture directly into the cube. This, in contrast to a traditional moving truck with loading decks several feet off the ground, makes hauling your stuff a lot more straightforward.


No need to cart it around

Once you get the contents of your home loaded up, you now have to move it from one location to another. Regardless of how far that distance is, when you choose to use moving pods, that part of the process is taken care of for you.

Team members from the moving cube company load your unit onto a truck and handle the transportation to either your new home or a third location for storage. You don’t have to worry about driving a big truck or damaging any of your belongings because of bumpy roads.

You’ll save some money

Moving pods are usually more affordable than hiring a moving company. This is largely because you’re responsible for the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking your belongings. The pod company is only responsible for delivering the cube to you, transporting it where you want to go and picking it up when you’ve unloaded it.

So, if you don’t mind some of the initial legwork, you can actually save some money in the end.

More storage options

No one moving situation is ever quite the same. Most of us have job obligations, time constraints and budgetary concerns that make our move unique. That’s an area where moving pods certainly have a leg up on other moving methods.

Because of the extreme portability of moving pods, they can be stored at a third-party storage location quite easily. In fact, many moving pod companies will even give you a certain amount of storage time for free. This is great for situations where you won’t need to unpack for several weeks or months after loading up your belongings.



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