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As you begin your search for a new apartment, your wish list is probably full of features and amenities that you just can’t live without. Great location, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances – the works.

But have you given any thought to where your particular unit will be located? Does it matter if it’s on the bottom floor, the top or somewhere in between? If you’re not sure, it’s time to start thinking about it.  Each level has its perks and some apartment communities let you choose your own unit. If you are ever granted that luxury, we’ve got some great reasons you should indulge in top floor living!

  1. It’s toasty. Did you pay attention in science class? If so, then you already know that heat rises. So all those units below you with their heat cranked up will only make your place warmer. Keep your heat down low and let your neighbors keep you comfortable throughout the winter. Additionally, top floor units usually also get more sunlight, which is yet another source of free heat for you. Now that’s hot! This also means it will be hotter in the summer months, so consider investing in good curtains.
  2. It’s peaceful. One of the downsides of apartment living is having noisy neighbors above you and hearing a lot of street noise.  People outside and your upstairs neighbors must get paid to make as much noise as they possibly can, right? But if you’re already on the top floor, problem solved! Cars honking, traffic noises, foot stomping, running kids, pets and creaky floors are not your concern. Enjoy it!
  3. It’s private. Lower floors experience lots of foot traffic. People are constantly passing by to access the stairs, elevator, lobby, management office and to enter and exit the building. Up top, you’re more isolated.
  4. It’s beautiful. Now this totally depends on the apartment community, but many of them offer great views of the city, often on a balcony patio, – skyscrapers, parks, water and snow-capped mountains – a perk you cannot experience down on lower floors. We’re looking at you NYC, San Francisco and Chicago.
  5. It’s healthier (for your neighbors). Do you happen to smoke cigarettes? If so, there’s no neighbors above you to deal with your second-hand smoke. Just like heat, smoke travels upward as well. It’s sure to bother anyone who lives above you. As such, living on the top floor allows you to be a good, considerate neighbor.

Have you ever lived on the top floor? What was it like?


Photo by Emily Baruffaldi on Unsplash




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