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Picture this: You’ve fallen hopelessly in love … with the perfect new apartment. It’s just your style, it’s close to your school or workplace, your current lease is ending anyway, and best of all, it’s in your price range. In short, you like it, so you want to put a ring on it (and by “put a ring on it,” we mean “sign a lease.”)

Oh, but it’s not that simple! What about … dun dun duuunnn … your roommate? If you share your home with someone else, you’re going to have to take him or her into consideration if you want to move. And the big decision you have to make is: Do you move alone, or do you take your roomie with you?

It’s a tough one, but here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to help you make that choice.

1. Has your roommate always paid his/her share of the rent in full and on time?

It’s the first rule in being a good living partner: You’ve got to pay that money, honey. There may have been times when you’ve lent your roomie some cash out of the goodness of your heart – maybe they’ve had some legitimate personal issues or been laid off from a job. As long as you and your roommate have worked it out and you’ve been paid back, it’s cool.

But have you had to do this often? Has your roommate ever paid less than his or her fair share of the rent, but then splurged on a brand-new Xbox? If so, that’s an unfair living situation for you, and the time to get out is now.

2. Does your new place have space for both of you?

Obviously, your perfect new apartment is going to seem less perfect if you and your roomie are living on top of each other. You’re both adults, and adults need their own space. If the new place is significantly smaller than your current apartment, you’re either going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff (and probably ask your roomie to do the same.) If you’re not willing to do that, it might be better to make the move solo.

3. Do you need to share living expenses with someone?

Living with someone else is always cheaper than living alone. Of course it’s nice not to handle the rent, utilities and cable bill all on your own. So do some careful budgeting – can you afford to pay for everything out of your income alone? If the numbers just don’t add up, you need a roommate.

And if you can cover everything yourself, how much of a stretch is it going to be? Will you be constantly worrying about your money, and will that affect your social life? How you live is up to you, but take these things into consideration before changing your living situation.

4. Is your new place in a convenient location for your roommate?

Your potential new apartment is close to everything you need, and that’s great. But would the same be true for your roommate? Would a new home mean a ridiculously long commute to work or school? If so, he or she probably won’t want to live there, and that’s understandable.

5. Are you just ready to live alone?

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you just don’t want the roommate lifestyle anymore.

If you decide you need to make this move on your own, break the news to your roomie gently. Buck up and do it in person – don’t resort to email, text, or worst of all, a Facebook status update. Understand that while this is the right decision for you, you might be leaving your roommate in a pickle, so do what you can to help him or her find a new place or a new roommate to take your place.

If you moved right now, would you take your roommate with you or step out on your own?

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