If you’re a smart mover, you’ve read all about the classic mistakes to avoid — like moving during rush hour, not getting a written estimate, or undervaluing your move insurance.

But what about the funny mishaps? You know, the awkward moments that make moving both hilarious and horrifying.

So many things can go wrong during a move. The best medicine for these painful situations is a good belly laugh.

See if you know anyone who has experienced these moving mistakes. (We hope it’s not you!)

Truck size matters
This is the video that inspired this post. Before you watch it, block out a full five minutes to enjoy it in its entirety. And make sure the people sitting nearby don’t mind howling, cackling, snorting laughter. All I can say is, know the height of your moving truck before you start your haul and spring for extra insurance. Enjoy.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my sofa
What happens when you stick three friends with a big sofa in a tight stairway? Moving comedy gold. In fact, this scenario is so common that it’s a favorite clip from the hit TV show Friends. Remember, friends don’t let friends make moving mistakes like this.


Your move on overload
One of the most important moving mistakes to avoid is over-packing your vehicle. If you aren’t careful and you don’t keep track of your moving inventory, the situation could end up like this. Then again, you do get bragging rights for getting the job done in one trip.

Dude, that’s too cute
It’s cool to invite your friends to help you move. Unless you accidently make one of the most embarrassing packing mistakes known to man: letting them pack your bookshelf! The shame, the ridicule, the discovery that you still own a copy of Goodnight Moon. Pack your own books to save your pride and avoid prejudice.

It’s tough to avoid mistakes when you’re moving, but hopefully you learned a few lessons from these moving mishaps. (And if you do make a mistake, be sure to capture it on video. This stuff’s hilarious!)

What’s your funniest moving fail? Share it with us using #movingfail on Twitter or Instagram!

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