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most popular washington dc neighborhoods for renters

Washington D.C. is considered to be one of the most influential cities in the country.

After all, it is the capital of America and home to the U.S. federal government, among other national treasures.

But, it is the city’s unique blend of East Coast urbanism and Southern hospitality that has new residents flocking here for the conveniences of a large city with a small-town feel.

We combed through Google data using generic keyword searches and combined those results with the most searched District of Columbia neighborhoods on to determine the five most popular Washington D.C. neighborhoods with renters.

Most Popular Washington D.C. Neighborhoods

Washington D.C. most popular neighborhoods for renters

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Below are the five most popular Washington D.C. neighborhoods for renters and what you can expect to find in each area.


1. Capitol Hill

capitol hill washington dc

Capitol Hill located is home to the U.S. Capitol building, which is why its name is sometimes used interchangeably with U.S. Congress.

Beyond the Capitol, you will find one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in the city. While this is one of the most densely populated D.C. neighborhoods, Capitol Hill’s colorful row houses and tree-lined streets create a peaceful atmosphere. But, expect to pay higher prices for one- and two-bedroom rentals.

Property Size Capitol Hill Average Washington D.C. Average
Studio $1,686 $1,953
1 BR $2,934 $2,514
2 BR $4,561 $3,535


2. Edgewood

edgewood washington dc

Located in the Northeast quadrant of the District of Columbia, Edgewood is a diverse neighborhood tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many Edgewood families have lived in this neighborhood for generations. But young families flock to this neighborhood for its affordable single-family homes, row houses and apartments. Edgewood has also seen an expansion of shops and restaurants over the past years.

Property Size Edgwood Average Washington D.C. Average
Studio $1,753 $1,953
1 BR $2,267 $2,514
2 BR $3,065 $3,535


3. Woodley Park

woodley park washington dc

This residential area in the Northwest offers a suburban feel with some uniquely Washingtonian attractions. It’s located between the Smithsonian National Zoo and the Washington National Cathedral, making it the perfect home base for being near the historical landmarks of the city. While the neighborhood feels secluded, it is only a couple of metro stops away from the action of the National Mall and restaurant and entertainment options.

Property Size Woodley Park Average Washington D.C. Average
Studio $1,647 $1,953
1 BR $2,570 $2,514
2 BR $3,957 $3,535


4. Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom is home to George Washington University and near Georgetown University, which gives this neighborhood the feel of a college town. However, there is still plenty for non-students to see and do. With its proximity to the Potomac River, National Mall and historic places like Georgetown and Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom is a well-connected neighborhood that keeps you close to all that D.C. has to offer – and at lower-than-average rental prices.

Property Size Foggy Bottom Average Washington D.C. Average
Studio $1,838 $1,953
1 BR $2,330 $2,514
2 BR $3,450 $3,535


5. Southeast Washington

Historic Southeast Washington is an affordable neighborhood for anyone looking to experience D.C.’s rich culture. Sites like the Anacostia Historical District and Barry Farm are steeped in African-American history, while nearby attractions like the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court of the United States and U.S. Capitol are important political institutions. This neighborhood is home to families, students and politicians, making it a great example of the diversity you’ll find throughout D.C.

Property Size Southeast Washington Average Washington D.C. Average
Studio $1,806 $1,953
1 BR $2,254 $2,514
2 BR $2,981 $3,535
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