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reno most popular neighborhoods

Reno, NV is a diverse adventure city that’s quickly becoming an industry hub in the U.S.

With top corporations like Tesla, Google and Amazon planting roots here, “The Biggest Little City in the World” is also seeing an increasing demand for more luxury living, restaurants and entertainment. This coupled with an abundance of outdoor activities and access to world-class ski resorts, Lake Tahoe and casinos attract new residents looking to soak up all Reno has to offer.

If you are looking to call Reno home, we can help you find the best neighborhood to meet your needs.

We combed through Google data using generic keyword searches and combined those results with the most searched Reno neighborhoods on to determine the five most popular Reno neighborhoods with renters.

Most Popular Reno Neighborhoods

Reno most popular neighborhoods

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Here is a quick overview of each neighborhood, and what you’d expect to pay for rent in each area.


1. Downtown Reno

downtown reno

Downtown Reno offers affordability and access to those looking for a vibrant atmosphere with plenty to do. This walkable neighborhood provides 24-hour access to entertainment and gaming, and features a great nightlife and dining scene. Rental prices are below average for a one- and two-bedroom space. But keep in mind, if you’re looking for a quiet night, the downtown area never sleeps.

Property Size Downtown Average Reno Average
1 BR $987 $1,114
2 BR $1,201 $1,309


2. Idlewild Park

idlewild park reno

Idlewild Park is one of the more sought-after neighborhoods in Reno, with slightly above average rental prices. It has direct access to the Truckee River and close proximity to the hip Midtown and Downtown districts. The neighborhood hosts many large-scale events throughout the year. The actual 49-acre park includes a pool, duck pond, skate park and diverse selection of fruit trees and flowers, which adds to this neighborhood’s appeal for families.

Property Size Idlewild Park Average Reno Average
1 BR $1,250 $1,114
2 BR $1,913 $1,309


3. Meadowood

meadowood reno

Meadowood offers a more suburban experience that attracts families who want affordable living in a quiet setting but still be close to the bustling area of Downtown. This neighborhood has easy access to the highway and is the central hub for shopping in the area. You’ll find the Meadowood Mall with large big-box retail stores and chain restaurants which make dining out easy.

Property Size Meadowood Average Reno Average
1 BR $1,088 $1,114
2 BR $1,264 $1,309


4. Smithridge

smithridge reno

Smithridge offers some of the most affordable housing in the Reno area. This neighborhood is mainly residential with retail shops and a park interspersed throughout. This area is great for families who are interested in suburban living away from city life.

Property Size Smithridge Average Reno Average
1 BR $840 $1,114
2 BR $948 $1,309


5. Virginia Lake

virginia lake reno

Virginia Lake boasts a landscape that ideal for those seeking to spend time outdoors without being too far from the city’s happenings. This tucked-away community surrounds a man-made lake, lined with tall, shady trees and wide sidewalks. You won’t find many businesses or shops in the area, although it is only a 5-minute drive to the main shopping parts of Reno.

Property Size Virginia Lake Average Reno Average
1 BR $1,056 $1,114
2 BR $1,217 $1,309
The rent information included in this article is based on current rental property inventory on and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.



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