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Whether you know it as the City of Roses, Stumptown or PDX, Portland is a hub for those seeking out an artistic, laid back and generally quirky lifestyle. Famous for its craft beers, coffee shops, bike lanes and unique neighborhoods, it’s little surprise that this “small town” city has become a migration destination.

If you are looking to call Portland home, we are here to help you find the right neighborhood to meet your needs.

We combed through Google data using generic keyword searches and combined those results with the most searched Portland neighborhoods on to determine the five most popular Portland neighborhoods with renters.

Most Popular Portland Neighborhoods

portland most popular neighborhoods

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Here is a quick overview of the top five neighborhoods for renters in Portland, and what you’d expect to pay for rent in each area.


1. South Waterfront

south waterfront portland

South Waterfront is a high-rise district south of Downtown that runs along the Willamette River. It is a vibrant and dense mixed-use community serving as a sustainable development model. This neighborhood is home to Oregon Health and Science University and the aerial tram that provides views of Portland and Mount Hood, as well as easy access to transit, adjacent neighborhoods and greenways. This highly walkable area is a favorite of urban professionals and baby boomers.

Property Size South Waterfront Average Portland Average
Studio $1,651 $1,577
1 BR $2,411 $2,012
2 BR $4,063 $2,679


2. Downtown

downtown portland

Downtown is home to many iconic features of this city, including Pioneer Courthouse Square, the Saturday Market held every week along Waterfront Park, the Portland Art Museum and an incredible array of food carts. Families, singles and professionals call this urban oasis home. It is very walkable with easy access to transportation, as well as the many events held in the heart of this city.

Property Size Downtown Average Portland Average
Studio $1,469 $1,577
1 BR $1,898 $2,012
2 BR $2,652 $2,679


3. Nob Hill

nob hill portland

The Nob Hill neighborhood is sophisticated and trendy, which draws families and professionals for its walkability. The narrow roads are lined with Victorian houses, many turned into uniquely-Portland artsy shops and restaurants. Nob Hill is also home to the very popular 21st and 23rd streets.

Property Size Nob Hill Average Portland Average
Studio $1,620 $1,577
1 BR $2,206 $2,012
2 BR $2,484 $2,679


4. Pearl

pearl portland

Pearl is considered “urban chic,” blending its industrial past with social and environmental sustainability as its present. You’ll find housing, boutique shops, food, art galleries and many more walkable amenities in this trendy area. Pearl is a favorite for affluent professionals who can afford the above average rental rates in this popular neighborhood.

Property Size Pearl Average Portland Average
Studio $1,986 $1,577
1 BR $2,508 $2,012
2 BR $3,302 $2,679


5. Goose Hollow

goose hollow portland

Adjacent to Nob Hill and Downtown, Goose Hollow is a quirky and well-populated area. The neighborhood has an eclectic mix of residential and commercial buildings and is a haven for college students at nearby Portland State University. One of the main attractions in Goose Hollow is Providence Park – the home stadium of the Portland Timbers professional soccer team.

Property Size Goose Hollow Average Portland Average
Studio $1,450 $1,577
1 BR $1,641 $2,012
2 BR $2,427 $2,679
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