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colorado springs most popular neighborhoods

Colorado Springs, CO has called to adventurers and thrill-seekers across the country for its stunning geography, picturesque mountain vistas and sweeping alpine lakes for decades.

Now the city, which is ranked the second best place to live in the country by U.S. News and World Report, is gaining attention as an ideal place to live for residents of all ages.

Colorado Springs is the perfect home base for anyone looking for prime school districts, dining and entertainment options and, of course, nature.

We combed through Google data using generic keyword searches and combined those results with the most searched Colorado Springs neighborhoods on to determine the five most popular Colorado Springs neighborhoods with renters.

Most Popular Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

colorado springs most popular neighborhoods

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Here is a quick overview of each neighborhood and what you’d expect to pay for rent in each area.

1. Briargate

briargate colorado springs

Briargate is by far the most up-and-coming neighborhood in the city. It’s also the youngest part of town, with most of its new homes built within the last 20 years. Briargate is close to excellent shopping, with the Chapel Hills Mall and the Promenade Shops, as well as many new restaurants. It is located in school district D-20, which is the largest and most popular school district in the city, as well as the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Living in Briargate is a great choice for anyone looking to be conveniently situated in the new heart of the city.

Property Size Briargate Average Colorado Springs Average
1 BR $1,224 $1,084
2 BR $1,625 $1,304


2. Broadmoor

broadmoor colorado springs

Broadmoor shares its name with the Broadmoor Hotel and Golf Resort, a major benefactor of the city, located in this neighborhood. The Broadmoor neighborhood is ideal for military families seeking rentals close to the Fort Carson military base. It is also close to Cheyenne Mountain and only minutes from the North Cheyenne Canyon Recreation Area. With some of the most reasonable rental prices in town, the Broadmoor neighborhood is a great place to call home.

Property Size Broadmoor Average Colorado Springs Average
1 BR $1,052 $1,084
2 BR $1,354 $1,304


3. Rockrimmon

rockrimmon colorado springs

Situated in north-central Colorado Springs, Rockrimmon is a haven for families looking to be near good schools, shopping, entertainment, recreation and outdoor areas. The neighborhood also has its own Rockrimmon Open Space with hiking and biking trails. Additionally, Ute Valley Park, Mountain Shadows Open Space and the famous Garden of the Gods nature park are all within a few miles. But, living this close to everything comes with average rental prices.

Property Size Rockrimmon Average Colorado Springs Average
1 BR $1,428 $1,084
2 BR $1,450 $1,304


4. Pine Creek

pine creek colorado springs

Located northeast of Briargate, Pine Creek is the ideal neighborhood for those looking for quiet living while still remaining close to shopping and amenities. Pine Creek shares a border with the Black Forest, which is full of trails and recreation space. This area also boasts impressive views of the Front Range and Pike's Peak, the infamous 14,000-foot mountain, which towers over Colorado Springs.

Property Size Pine Creek Average Colorado Springs Average
1 BR $1,404 $1,084
2 BR $1,586 $1,304


5. Powers

powers colorado springs

Powers is home to the Colorado Springs Airport and borders Briargate. This neighborhood features an abundance of new developments, shopping centers and big box stores. Whether you are a college student, a young family or a couple of empty nesters looking to be near Downtown, Powers is an affordable neighborhood with average rental prices.

Property Size Powers Average Colorado Springs Average
1 BR $1,102 $1,084
2 BR $1,301 $1,304
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