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cincinnati most popular neighborhoods

Cincinnati has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Midwest and is known for several breweries, an excellent dining scene and a beautiful skyline bordered by the Ohio River.

This medium-sized city is also home to nine Fortune 500 companies, including Kroger and Proctor & Gamble, and has seen rapid development of many of its most popular neighborhoods over the past few years.

If you’re considering a move to Cincinnati, let us give you a hand. We're here to help you find your perfect neighborhood to call home.

We combed through Google data using generic keyword searches and combined those results with the most searched Cincinnati neighborhoods on to determine the five most popular Cincinnati neighborhoods with renters.

Most Popular Neighborhoods

cincinnati most popular neighborhoods

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Here is a quick overview of each neighborhood and what you’d expect to pay for rent in each area.

1. Clifton

clifton cincinnati

Clifton is home to the University of Cincinnati and is considered a youthful college neighborhood. In recent years, the community has seen rapid business and housing development. Its Gaslight district is a quite central hub for the neighborhood, known for its beautiful tree- and lamp-lined streets and its variety of unique casual restaurants and bars.

The benefits of this neighborhood come at a bargain with rental prices that fall below the city average.

Property Size Clifton Average Cincinnati Average
1 BR $884 $1,046


2. Hyde Park

hyde park cincinnati

Hyde Park is an upscale neighborhood with many well-kept historic homes. Located 15 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, the area attracts many young professionals looking for a walkable neighborhood with a lively social scene. Hyde Park Square is the place to go for cocktails, a large farmer's market or casual dining. Rent here for a one-bedroom apartment will cost you slightly more than the citywide average.

Property Size Hyde Park Average Cincinnati Average
1 BR $1,056 $1,046


3. Northside

northside cincinnati

Northside is a centrally-located neighborhood with a flair for the eclectic. This neighborhood hosts many record shops, vintage clothing stores and craft breweries, all within walking distance of residential homes and apartments. Residents of all ages can grab a cappuccino from one of many nearby cafés and relax or take part in outdoor activities at Northside Park. The amenities this neighborhood has to offer comes at a fair price with rent falling just under the city average.

Property Size Northside Average Cincinnati Average
1 BR $1,037 $1,046


4. Over-the-Rhine

OTR cincinnati

Over-the-Rhine, or OTR, is a historic downtown neighborhood that has seen a recent revitalization. Home to plenty of 19th-century architecture, OTR combines old-world character with a lively entertainment scene. Its culturally diverse atmosphere attracts both families and young professionals who want a mix of old- and new-world charm. This neighborhood is also connected by a streetcar, which makes going to its unique bars, a variety of dining options and live music a breeze. OTR is also home to Findlay Market, the oldest public market in Ohio.

Property Size Over-the-Rhine Average Cincinnati Average
1 BR $1,132 $1,046


5. Pleasant Ridge

pleasant ridge cincinnati

Pleasant Ridge is a mostly residential neighborhood that’s home to many families looking for a strong sense of community. The area features a small business district occupied by mainly independent businesses and restaurants. Residents of Pleasant Ridge also enjoy monthly "Shop Hop" discount days at local stores and an excellent community recreation center. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment will cost roughly the city average.

Property Size Pleasant Ridge Average Cincinnati Average
1 BR $1,041 $1,046
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