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Inspired by the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea and the cliff-dotted houses in Spain, France, Italy and Greece, Mediterranean home décor is as much of a breeze theoretically as it is visually. Mediterranean décor colors and textures are similar to cottage design, as they’re both modeled after water, but furniture and knick-knacks are heavier, sturdier and ornate.


Sit back, pour a glass of rosé and watch the sunset as you dream of your new Mediterranean apartment, wherever you are.

Sun-Kissed Wall Colors
Consider wall colors in buttery yellow, lavender, coral or terra cotta to make your four walls and the sun appear seamless. Simulate stucco walls by adding texture to wall colors with wall plaster kits from craft stores. Or, channel the ocean and sky by painting walls white but with pastel water colors, such as aqua, green or robin’s-egg blue on the ceiling.

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Wrought-Iron Wall Décor
Since those who live on the Mediterranean Sea often spend time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, they often draw indoor decoration from the outdoors. Wrought-iron banisters and balconies in Tuscan villas come alive indoors with black or bronze wrought-iron wall art, such as fleur de lis, crosses, scrolls and sconces. Accent your living room with wrought-iron room dividers or fireplace screens and candlestick holders.

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Tiles or Tile-Inspired Focus
Whether you’re drawing inspiration from a mosaic café table on your patio, a tiled kitchen backsplash or a heavily tiled bathroom, the Mediterranean – Spain, Portugal and Italy, specifically – are synonymous with mosaics and tiles, particularly from Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Style your living room around a Portuguese tiled plate or utilize a runner in your dining room in jewel-toned damask. Accent your living room or bedroom with pendant tile throw pillows and mosaic mirrors and frames.

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Neutral, Natural Furniture and Linens
Furniture, linens and window treatments should be in textured neutrals and natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton canvas and silk, to go with your Mediterranean style apartment. Outfit your dining room with rattan chairs, furnish your living room with white or taupe canvas couches and an oversized chair and decorate your windows with linen or silk-cotton blend curtains in big waffle-weave patterns. Balance your bedroom with an oversized dark wood dresser and your living room with a heavy, low-profile console table to place your television on.

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